'Playboy' Model Lindsey Pelas Nearly Pops Out Of Barely-There, Skimpy Spider-Web Swimsuit

Former Playboy model Lindsey Pelas has been setting the world of Instagram on fire lately with her sexy and sultry swimsuit pictures, and it seems like she has no intention of slowing things down anytime soon.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the former Playboy Playmate recently posted a black and white snapshot, showcasing a one-piece swimsuit that was barely able to contain the model's ample assets. Now, Pelas is intent on taking things one step further.

In her newest Instagram snapshot, Lindsey is seen rocking an even more provocative outfit, one that features even less material than her previous swimsuit.

Unlike her previous pic, viewers will have no trouble making out the finer details, seeing as how Pelas has opted to post this latest snapshot in full color. It's not quite clear exactly where this photo was taken -- seeing as how the post lacks any sort of geotag information -- but the model can be seen posing in front of a pool.

As evident by the reflection of the still pool water, this particular image was taken sometime during the day or early evening. While Lindsey herself is not basking directly in the sunlight, rays of light are beaming down upon her, lending a soft glow to her taut figure and signature blonde locks.

In terms of fashion, Lindsey is wearing a barely-there one-piece swimsuit, which features just enough material to cover her lower region and her curvaceous breasts. The entire outfit is held together by a series of tightly-formed straps, which are just enough to hold everything in place.

Pelas compliments her thin black swimsuit with an equally dark pair of thigh-high boots, along with a dark leather jacket, which is hanging off of her arms. Her flowing blonde locks aren't hidden from view, as they cascade down her shoulders, resting around her ample assets.

In the post's caption, Pelas credits Ian Passmore for snapping the photo, as well as Haley Camille, who worked on styling. Peter Anthony Perez was in charge of perfecting Lindsey's hair, while makeup artist Eileen Madrid handled makeup.

Unsurprisingly, Lindsey Pelas's 8.4 million Instagram followers came out in full force to show their love for this newest share. Despite having only been posted two hours ago -- at the time of writing -- Pelas's most recent snapshot has already accrued over 72,000 likes and 1,000 comments.

Still, even with all the positive attention Lindsey receives online, there are some fans and followers who can be quite rude or vulgar. As the Daily Mail reports, some of Pelas's pictures -- and her body -- can bring out the worst in people.

"They can definitely bring out the attention of the ill-mannered," Pelas explained, referring to her "assets."