Brittany Matthews, Girlfriend Of Quarterback Patrick Mahomes, Shows Off Amazing Figure In Instagram Snaps

The NFL season may be over for Patrick Mahomes, but girlfriend Brittney Matthews doesn't get a break from her own strict workout regimen.

Matthews took to Instagram this week to post some videos from her intensive workouts in the days leading up to the Pro Bowl, where Mahomes will be leading the AFC in the annual showcase of the NFL's best players. Matthews played the role of supportive girlfriend throughout the season, often posting pictures watching his games and cheering him on from the sidelines. She even got plenty of support from her boyfriend after her stepfather died suddenly following a Chiefs game earlier in the season.

Matthews has been plenty encouraging along the way. After the Chiefs lost to the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship game, Matthews took to Instagram to post a picture from the game and some words of solace and hope for next season.

"Many more years of success for this team #chiefskingdom," Matthews posted on Instagram.

She also keeps her more than 86,000 followers abreast of her workout routines, and after the Chiefs were bumped from the playoffs last weekend she went right back to the gym. During the week she posted a series of videos showing her lifting weights and doing some squats with a medicine ball.

Brittany Matthews later posted a picture of the results, showing off her toned legs and washboard abs. The picture was a big hit with her followers, garnering supportive comments both for Matthews and for her boyfriend, who had a fantastic NFL season with 50 touchdowns and only 12 interceptions.

Once the workout routines were done, Matthews headed to Orlando to watch the game and cheer on her man, even posting a picture of Mahomes in his AFC jersey.Though the regular season may be over for Patrick Mahomes, he still gets one more chance at the spotlight in Sunday's Pro Bowl, and Brittany Matthews will get at least one more week of viral attention. The Chiefs appearance in the AFC Championship game led to a surge in interest in Patrick Mahomes, with pictures of Matthews trending across the internet.

Those hoping to catch a glimpse of Brittany Matthews cheering on her man can tune in to the Pro Bowl on Sunday at 3 p.m. ET on ESPN and ABC. They could also check out her Instagram page for all the updates of her workout routines, which look to continue through the long offseason.