Lindsay Lohan Flaunts Bod In Very Low-Cut White Dress On Instagram

Lindsay Lohan has been on a social media kick lately, posting plenty of pictures on Instagram as she soaks up the sun in the Maldives. Although it's hard to know if that's where she's at in her newest post, it's likely, considering her recent photos were from the area. The new picture shows Lindsay rocking a very low-cut white dress, so much so that the straps were what censored her chest. It had tassel accents on the front, and she posed against a white acrylic piece of furniture with her hair down and brushed behind her shoulders. The actress-entrepreneur talked about her Lohan Beach Club show in the captions, which has aired three episodes so far.

The MTV show follows a cast of American VIP nightclub workers that are brought to Mykonos to work for Lindsay and her business partner, Panos. So far, much of the drama has been romantically charged, while it appears that the bosses aren't so sure any of the romance is pertinent to the show.

No doubt Lohan will continue posting more as we near Tuesday, which is when the show airs, to promote the newest episode. Fans have enjoyed getting to see what Lindsay has been up to with her business ventures, plus seeing what it's really like to visit her club.

Meanwhile, it appears that Lohan is enjoying her time with her sister, Ali, on vacation. Recently, Ali spoke with Us Weekly about what Lindsay is like as a sister.
"Most supportive ever... I mean she's the best. I'm so grateful to have a sister like her.... I just learn from her so much. We're nine years apart too, so I really listen to what she has to say and what she's been through. She's a superstar."
Ali, who is pursuing a music career, also noted that the two have gotten closer over the years, saying, "Yes, of course. I mean, like any sisters, you grow up together so you get to know things that you don't know about each other."
Obviously, the two are enjoying some time together in person right now, but that's not always the case, considering Lindsay doesn't live in the U.S. most of the time. However, the sister noted that "We see each other lot. We talk on the phone, like, every day."

Lindsay has dubbed the vacation a "sistermoon," and has created a set of highlights on Instagram to document their adventures together. Filled with fun GIFs and scenic views, it's hard not to imagine the two aren't having the time of their lives.