'Sister Wives' Meri Brown Opens Up About Going Solo To Open Her Bed & Breakfast Without The Help Of Her Family

Sister Wives star Meri Brown made one of her longstanding dreams come true in 2017 -- opening a bed and breakfast. The reality star struggled to get her family on board with the idea, and she's now opened up to Us Weekly about how she made it happen -- and what it's meant to her family.

Brown, who is one of four wives of Mormon and polygamist Kody Brown, first turned to her family for help in raising the $40,000 needed to buy the Parowan, Utah, property -- which has been in her family since 1870 -- but was denied. The family said that Brown's lack of a business plan was part of the issue, but when she denied making the rest of her family equity partners, they officially backed out.

Brown said she knew that she alone would have to make her dream a reality after Kody told her one last time that the family didn't have the money to help her out. She began working, selling LuLaRoe clothing on Facebook, which became such a hit with fans of the clothing brand. Brown herself said that there are over 81,000 members in her shopping group.

"I knew that the funds were not there. I just felt like, well, I'm just going to have to go do it then. So that's why I got up and I left and I started working, because I knew that I needed to figure it out because it was something important to me," Brown told Us Weekly.

Though fans of the show and folks close to the family speculated that opening Lizzie's Inn meant that Brown was backing down from her familial and wifely duties, Brown says that simply is not the case. She has hired several workers to help at the inn, which is about a five hour drive from the Brown's home in Flagstaff, Arizona. She also reiterated that buying the property was something that she needed to do for herself, and was not an attempt to isolate herself from her husband or her sister wives.

"It's not the type of thing that needs a whole lot of hands-on. I've got employees that I hired that are there doing the cooking and cleaning and stuff like that, and my mom is there," she noted, adding that she knows if she needs help from her sister wives, they would be willing to pitch in.

Brown still runs and maintains her LuLaRoe clothing business in addition to owning her bed and breakfast, which has kept her busy. As Hollywood Life reported, Brown had been feeling a bit of the "empty nest syndrome," and while her husband and fellow sister wives were busy with their lives and children, the reality star sparked an "emotional" affair with someone she met online -- which caused some serious drama amongst the sprawling family.