Jessica Parido Beyond Annoyed By Critics Of Marriage To 'Shahs' Mike Shouhed

Is Mike Shouhed's marriage to Jessica Parido already over? There has been some speculation that Shahs of Sunset star Mike and Jessica, who got married in March, are headed to splitsville because of his roving eye. Jessica, who frequently updates her Instagram page, has received a barrage of comments from people regarding the status of her relationship with Mike.

On Friday, Jessica, who is a registered nurse, posted a photo of herself in her scrubs prior to starting the work day. One person responded that she had heard that Jessica let her nursing license expire. Jessica responded that people shouldn't believe everything that they hear.

"You heard?? Lol. Don't believe everything you hear my license has never been expired."
Others pointed out that Jessica wasn't wearing her engagement and wedding rings, to which some people said that many nurses don't wear those rings when they work.

Many people also responded that they think Jessica has her own great career outside of the limelight and doesn't need to depend on Mike. Yet, according to some of Mike's co-stars, Jessica really does love the fame. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Reza Farahan and Asa Soltan Rahmati did an interview after filming Season 4 in which they predicted that Jessica will leave Mike if he ever gets off TV. Reza, who along with Asa attended Mike and Jessica's wedding, said some harsh words in particular.

"She'll divorce his a** in a hot minute! I'm willing to put this beautiful gold Rolex Daytona... I'm willing to bet this Rolex that if Shahs was over tomorrow, Jessica would become whatever religion she was before she became Jewish and she would become Jessica Parimo or Palilo… Parido... and she won't be Jessica Shouhed anymore. Guaranteed."
On Thursday, Jessica posted a close-up shot of her hands to show off her nails. While she had on several rings on her hands, she didn't have on her engagement or wedding rings. This prompted many to make negative comments about Jessica's marriage to Mike, saying that it's proof that it's over already. When one person told Jessica that she's gorgeous and to not let the ring comments annoy her, Jessica admitted that she's feeling much stronger emotions over all the criticism and speculation.
"Annoy is an understatement."
When another person wrote that Jessica and Mike are not married anymore, pointing out that they no longer post photos of themselves together, which they used to do that all the time, Jessica blasted that person as obsessed.
"U are clearly obsessed. Every picture u must comment what u THINK is going on. I was trying not to block u but your annoying as fk now. Something's are not meant to be blasted 24-7 please go worry about your own life."
On part two of the Shahs of Sunset Season 4 reunion show, Jessica Parido was set to come out onto the stage to defend herself and Mike Shouhed and confront his co-stars, but Mike said that he didn't want her out. Host Andy Cohen instead did a short interview with Jessica in her trailer, during which she had plenty to say about Golnesa "GG" Gharachedaghi's accusation that Mike tried to have sex with her.
"Listen, I happened to fall in love with Mike. I accepted what he was doing [the show] and I was part of it and I opened my life up. But the viewers saw one side of the story that I was just this dumb little girl that said, 'Oh okay, my husband's telling the truth.' That wasn't the case but I chose to believe him, I chose to stand by him, I married him. They showed up to my wedding. If it happened or not it's irrelevant at this point."
[Photo by Jesse Grant / Getty Images]