QAnon Community Infuriated After Trump Shutdown Fiasco, Losing Faith In 'The Plan'

The longest shutdown in United States history officially ended this week. As detailed by a previous Inquisitr report, Donald Trump's decision to shut the government down -- in an effort to pressure the Democratic Party into relocating funds for a border wall on the U.S.-Mexico border -- has not only backfired, it appears to be turning some of the president's most loyal supporters against him.

Conservative journalists, pundits, political commentators, and even some members of the Republican Party perceived as Trump loyalists publicly bashed the president. Donald Trump's cave-in and failure to secure funding for the border wall appears to be turning even some of his staunchest supporters against him.

The QAnon community is infuriated and outraged, losing faith in "the plan," ThinkProgress reports.

The bizarre online community -- composed of Trump supporters who believe in a conspiracy theory that genius Donald Trump is battling the "deep state" behind the scenes, working together against a "globalist cabal" with individuals like Robert Mueller -- is starting to doubt that "the plan" will ever materialize.

"Only questions remaining will be 'Was Q f**king with us completely, or was Q just mainly f**king with us?'" one of the conspiracy theorists asked.

"This is an embarrassment. I had such high hopes for our President, but it has become clear he just has no chance of defeating the evil that rules our country. As far as Q goes, sad to say how hard I fell for a LARP [Live Action Roleplay]."
Reporter Mike Rothschild ‏posted a series of screenshots to Twitter, showing how overwhelmingly negative the reaction to Trump's cave-in has been in various online QAnon communities. "More QAnon-ers letting months of rage and hope vent at Trump caving on the wall. Talk of grabbing guns, locking and loading," Rothschild wrote.
According to ThinkProgress, the community's reaction is worrying since QAnon supporters have demonstrated that they have a capacity for violence. In June, one of the conspiracy theorists drove onto the Hoover Dam in an armored truck, demanding that the government publishes evidence verifying the validity of QAnon.

Ever since the Republican midterm loss, QAnon-focused communities have been falling apart, according to Salon. Coupled with the fact that Q's increasingly vague predictions are not coming true, the midterm loss and the firing of Jeff Sessions apparently destroyed QAnon's credibility in the eyes of many Trump supporters.

Donald Trump's decision to reopen the government after failing to get money for a border wall on the U.S.-Mexico border appears to be creating more cracks in the offbeat online community, as its members grasp for straws hoping that "the plan" will finally materialize.