Sailor Brinkley-Cook, Christie Brinkley's Daughter, Shows Off Her Amazing Physique In Tiny Yellow Bikini

Sailor Brinkley-Cook is following in mom's footsteps and has the body to match.

The daughter of model Christie Brinkley has been getting plenty of attention for her own skin-baring looks, including a recent trip to the beach where she showed off in a tiny yellow bikini. The Daily Mail had pictures of her outing at Bondi Beach, where Sailor's amazing physique was on display. The report included some snaps of Sailor playing in the water and soaking in the sun, with the images attracting some viral interest on social media.

The 20-year-old was pictured wading in the warm water in Sydney, taking a break from a modeling assignment in Australia to soak up some sun. The report noted that she will be in Australia for the next three months working, part of her on-the-rise career as a model. Sailor has documented the trip for her Instagram followers as well, including some of the modeling snaps.

Sailor Brinkley-Cook has been getting plenty of other attention in recent months, with her modeling gigs and racy Instagram posts getting viral attention. It has also attracted some criticism among those who believe the 20-year-old has been a bit too revealing or that her body isn't quite right for modeling, though Sailor has a reply for them as well.

In an emotional post, Sailor took on the body haters and those who insist on comparing the 20-year-old to her mother.

"I know many believe I will 'never be as beautiful as my mother' and that I'm 'an average boring-looking girl with a terrible body.' I know all these comments. I've heard them from strangers my entire life," she wrote in a post that was later deleted, but quoted by Hollywood Life.

Sailor explained that she doesn't have control over what other people may say about her, so instead, she is focusing on being as caring, kind, and self-loving as she can be. She even had some empathy for people who took to internet comment sections to tear her down, saying she feels sorry for them and hope they are able to find the peace they are missing.

"I wish you nothing but peace and I really hope you find it in your heart to put that energy you use tearing strangers down, into finding the strength to love YOU and be the positive force we all are capable of being," she wrote.

In the meantime, Sailor Brinkley-Cook has not been shy about sharing some very revealing images of herself, including some other bikini snaps from her time in Australia.