'Bold And The Beautiful' Recap For Friday, January 25: Liam Meets His Daughter & Says She Looks Like Kelly

Bold and the Beautiful recap for Friday, January 25 features Reese Buckingham (Wayne Brady), who was excited about the news that Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) wanted Florence (Katrina Bowden) to meet her at her house in Malibu. Before she left to meet Steffy, Reese urged Flo to make the adoption happen.

Taylor Hayes (Hunter Tylo) called the physician to let him know that Steffy was planning to adopt, per She Knows Soaps. Reese told Taylor that Flo wanted $250,000 for the baby, but wanted a $50,000 in cash as a down payment. Taylor agreed to his terms. Taylor said, "Anything at all for my daughter." Reese added that he felt the same.

Taylor Hayes Paid Reese Buckingham $50,000 In Cash

Later, Taylor brought the money to Reese, who assured her that Florence would get a lawyer in Las Vegas to draw up a contract. Taylor refused the receipt that he offered, per Soap Central. Reese said that he would miss Taylor before he revealed that he had been offered a transfer after what had happened at Catalina Clinic. Taylor said that she would miss him and that he had brought joy to her and Steffy's lives.

Zoe Told Liam That Reese Was Not The Same

Zoe Buckingham (Kiara Barnes), Emma Barber (Nia Sioux), and Tiffany (Maile Brady) were excitedly preparing for a TV talent show. Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) walked into the office, and the three immediately quieted down. They told him how sorry they were for his loss. Liam inquired after Zoe's father, and she said that he had also been affected by Beth's death. Liam received a call from Steffy who asked him to come to her house.

Reese Rushes To Zoe

The girls were backstage at the television studios when Reese called the debt collector to let him know that he had his money. The thug wanted to know if he had all of it, and Reese admitted that he only had $50,000. The thug said it was too late.

Reese panicked and called Zoe, who was rehearsing with Emma and Tiffany. He wanted to know where she was. She told him that she was at the audition. Reese asked Zoe to send him the address before he scurried off with the duffel bag in hand. At the audition, the thug slipped on his black gloves. Reese arrived just in time to see the thug surveying the scene.

Flo Brings The Baby To Steffy

Flo was amazed by the lifestyle in Malibu. She was glad that the baby would be able to grow up in this community. Steffy put the baby down with Kelly (Zoe Pennington and Chloe Maria Teperman), and the two would-be sisters slept. When Steffy told Flo that Kelly's father was coming, Flo said that she would leave the four of them to bond alone together.

Liam Holds His Baby For The First Time

Steffy let Liam hold the baby. He was clearly overwhelmed, simply saying, "Oh man." Steffy was worried that the moment was too much for him, but he reassured her that he was fine. He even claimed that the baby even looked a little bit like Kelly.
"Looking at her and feeling her... I mean, it makes me miss Beth, you know. But there's something more… It's like -- it's like she belongs here. It's like she belongs to you and to Kelly and -- maybe even to me. Steffy, thank you. Thank you for bringing this child into our lives."