CBS Temporarily Replaced 'NCIS' With 'Celebrity Big Brother' & Fans Aren't Happy

NCIS fans were up in arms this week when they tuned in to watch their favorite crime show only to end up watching an episode of Celebrity Big Brother instead.

Celebrity Big Brother, now in its second run, launched the season with several extra episodes in the first week. One of the extra episodes landed in the time slot normally filled by NCIS, and fans of the crime show definitely noticed.

According to TV Insider, while TV guides and commercials clearly advertised the airing schedule, it seems that many fans missed the memo that they were going to have to spend their Tuesday evening without their weekly fix.

According to Good Housekeeping, NCIS has been on hiatus since mid-January. In the absence of new episodes, the network made the decision to temporarily fill the time slot with Celebrity Big Brother.

When fans of NCIS tuned in to find out that the reality show had replaced their favorite crime series, many of them took to social media to lash out and give the network a piece of their mind.

The Twitter realm was abuzz with angry complaints from fans wondering why their show was replaced by a reality show.

"Why is this BIG Brother crap on instead of my favorite NCIS????" One angry fan exclaimed.

A second equally annoyed fan chimed in, "I wasn't expecting that stupid big brother crap last night. What was the network thinking? Never preempt NCIS, the fans won't stand for it!"
The consensus of the massive number of viewer complaints pouring in was the same – they did not see Celebrity Big Brother as an appropriate or acceptable alternative for NCIS.

Some individuals even argued they would rather watch re-runs of their beloved crime show than to see it replaced by Big Brother.

Fortunately, the television schedule reveals that the award-winning crime drama will be returning back to its home time slot with brand new episodes during the first week of February.

The series, which launches into its 16th season on February 5, will start with an episode titled "She."

The episode is said to follow Gibbs and his team of investigators as they attempt to find the identity of a confused little girl that was found hiding in a storage unit. The mystery prompts the reopening of a 10-year-old cold case.

According to the synopsis of the upcoming episode, Bishop will also find notes that Agent Ziva David kept on the case long after the unit stopped investigating.

The casual mention of Ziva in the synopsis of the episode has many fans wondering if Cote de Pablo is slated to make an appearance.

Pablo, who played the beloved character Agent Ziva David for eight seasons, left the show back in Season 11. Pablo's female slot in the show was filled by Emily Wickersham (Agent Eleanor Bishop) after her exit from the show.