Carolyn Murphy Bares It All In Nude Instagram Pic Proving She Looks Amazing At 44-Years-Old

Model Carolyn Murphy seems to be defying age as a new fully-nude photo showed her looking as toned and fit as ever. The Instagram photo was taken by Russell James as part of his Angels book, which features the hottest Victoria's Secret models. While Murphy was never a VS model, she has worked for the most luxurious brands around like Versace and Tiffany & Co. Plus, she was chosen as the cover girl of Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Issue in 2005.

The post included two photos, one of a close-up portrait and another of a full-body nude. The portrait showed Carolyn wearing her hair down in loose waves as she sported minimal makeup. The second photo showed the model as she posed with her side to the camera and stood on her toes. The model reached her hands out in front of her as if doing a dance move while her face was completely covered by her hair. Her curves were censored by her arm, but just barely.

The photo is much more risque than the ones that are found in the model's personal social media feed. Earlier this month, she shared a topless selfie, and in early October, Murphy revealed a chic Harper's Bazaar magazine cover. But besides that, her posts show her in sophisticated outfits for the most part. The magazine cover showed Carolyn wearing a very low-cut strapless black dress that was unzipped and barely covered her chest. This was complemented by a giant black ribbon tied around her neck, along with a wide-brimmed black hat with thick side ties that wrapped around the model's face.

The model previously discussed her perfect day escaping into nature with Harper's Bazaar, and it sounded very nice. She noted, "My day starts with coffee, fresh eggs, berries, and jam from local farmers. There's no technology; I like to keep things simple. It's like the less you have, the more you can live. We do have something to play mellow tunes on. Crosby, Stills & Nash, Ray LaMontagne, Neil Young, and a little Leon Bridges get the groove going."And if you were wondering where the perfect escape would take place, it's "Big Sur, where the mountains meet the sea, is my perfect weekend escape. I like to sleep in for as long as possible, with the days centered on family, food, and the beach. We're like salty dogs." Her down-to-earth vibe is summarized by her newest selfie, where she wore a beanie and a fleeced jacket as she quoted Thoreau.