Meghan Markle's Sister Labeled A 'Boring Loser' In An Awkward Interview For Her Book

Samantha Markle, the half-sister of Duchess Meghan, went on a media tour to promote her book about living in the shadow of her famous sister. But a radio interview didn't go according to plan when a Sydney radio host turned on the sister of the Duchess of Sussex, calling her a loser.

The Mirror reported that radio host Kyle Sandilands of KIIS was talking to Samantha Markle about her book, In the Shadow of the Duchess, when things got awkward. Sandilands accused Markle, who shares a father, Thomas Markle, with the Duchess, of using her sister's name to push her "sh*t book" on the media. He also called her a bore and a loser.

He continued and asked Samantha Markle if she was just using Duchess Meghan's name to cash in on her royal sister, but she was insistent that it was about her own life in the entertainment industry.

"Absolutely not. That's not true. This is my life and my personal experience."
But Sandilands, who hosts The Kyle and Jackie O Show, continued to question Markle's motives in writing and promoting her book, which she calls a memoir.
Sandilands interrupted to ask Markle a question.
"Why didn't you call the book my boring life? Why did you bring your sister into it?"
Samantha said it was for marketing reasons, to which he responded, calling her a loser, hanging up and ending the interview.

Kensington Palace has put Samantha Markle on a list of what they call "fixated persons," over concerns she will continue to embarrass the Duchess of Sussex. In September, Samantha traveled to London with the plan to confront her sister about communicating with their father, but the Duchess of Sussex refused to see her, per the Inquisitr. Even after arriving in London, Samantha Markle's publicist continued to try to set up a meeting, but the palace didn't return her calls.

"Samantha Markle is coming to the UK. After making numerous attempts in private to arrange a one on one meeting with The Duchess of Sussex to discuss their 74-year-old father's health, Kensington Palace has refused to respond."
Friends of Duchess Meghan said that her older half-sister continued to insist on a meeting, making it less likely that the Duchess would see her.
"There is not a chance in hell that Meghan is going to lower herself and meet with her half-sister. Samantha is kidding herself if she thinks there is any possibility of getting together with Meghan or anyone from the Royal family for that matter."