Jasmine Sanders Rocks Neon-Yellow Thong Bikini While Holding A Coconut

Vittorio Zunino CelottoGetty Images

Jasmine Sanders is keeping the tropical beach vibe going even as it’s winter in the United States. She’s doing this by sharing bikini pics from Brazil on Instagram, which has fans going wild. Her newest post is a series of three photos, as Jasmine is photographed posing with a coconut. She wore a neon-yellow thong bikini with a simple cut and showed off her curves in various poses.

The first image showed the model from the side as she propped her right foot on a wooden beam. She held the coconut in her outstretched right hand, as she played with her hair with her left hand and threw her head back slightly. The second photo showed Sanders in the same pose, except looking down. The final picture was of her facing the camera, as she put her derriere on display. Fans responded with comments like, “A goddess in my country,” “Yasss,” and “Not sure I can like this enough!”

And just yesterday, Sanders shared a bikini snap geo-tagged Tulum, which is in Mexico. In that snap, the model posed in a light blue ensemble underneath a straw hut umbrella, with the ocean visible in the backdrop. Perhaps Jasmine jetted all the way to Brazil from Mexico in one day. Considering the flight takes about 10 hours, it’s possible she did just that.

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Casually lookin for a fuck to give ????

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Considering most successful models are constantly traveling, it’s no surprise to see Jasmine all over the world. She previously told Vogue, “I love being afforded the opportunity to travel to so many different and beautiful places that I probably wouldn’t be able to do in a different profession. I love seeing the world and I can’t wait to see more of it!”

Moreover, she was asked about how she approached social media. With over 3.3 million Instagram followers and counting, she clearly knows how to work the platform.

“I’ve never been the type to focus on trends because I love exploring all of my options when it comes to makeup and fashion. However, I do use social media to see what people think when I’m doing something daring or risqué. They help me decide if something works!”

Sanders reiterated that she enjoys social media because it gives her direct access to her fans, who are often open about letting her know how they feel about her newest projects. And her fans in turn obviously love being in the know of her day to day life.

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Fuck where am I? ????????

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