January 26, 2019
Jennifer Garner Wishes Baby Sister Happy Birthday With Sweet Throwback Photo

Jennifer Garner left her 4.9 million of Instagram followers with a warm fuzzy feeling just a few days ago after wishing her little sister a happy birthday with a throwback photo from their childhood.

The 13 Going On 30 star took to Instagram on Thursday to wish her youngest sister, Susannah, a happy birthday. The post contained a dated and color faded photo of a young Jennifer and a toddler-aged Susannah, hand-in-hand at a public pool with water splashing around their feet. Garner also penned a warm, heartfelt message that she shared as the caption for the throwback photo.

Posted just before noon on Thursday, the photo had already received more than 90,000 likes and 500 comments in just a few hours. A few days later, the numbers more than doubled, with over 190,000 likes and over 1,000 comments. The comments on the post were genuine and warm, with most wishing Garner's sister a happy birthday or reflecting on how cute the duo were as children.

Garner is the middle of three sisters, with Susannah being the youngest and Melissa being the oldest. According to Garner, she and her sisters have always been close and "talk on the phone a lot."

"Being the middle sister of these three girls is the relationship that defines me more than anything else," the actress revealed during a past interview with Southern Living Magazine.

"More than being my kids' mother, more than being my husband's wife, I'm first and foremost the middle Garner girl."
Jennifer and her siblings also credit their mother for instilling values and ideals in them as children that really made a huge difference in their lives as adults. She also revealed to the magazine that "beauty" was one of those things that their mother taught them not to prioritize.

The now-45-year-old bombshell openly admitted to finding it shocking when people identify her as a "pretty" actress, as she has always considered herself to be a woman with a very simple sense of style.

While she enjoys seeing the fruits of the fashion industry, she herself rarely wears any of the latest and greatest because she "can't feel like [she is] wearing a costume."

Jennifer Garner is the mother of three children that she openly co-parents with their Daredevil dad, Ben Affleck. Bennifer 2.0, as the press has affectionately called them, recently finalized their divorce after a lengthy separation. The couple were married for 13 years and separated officially back in 2015.