Aussie Model Kristina Mendonca Goes Full Hand Bra, Flaunts Major Thigh Gap In Unbelievably Tiny String Bikini

Kristina MendoncaInstagram

Australian model Kristina Mendonca is a rising star in the fashion and beauty industry, having managed to accrue a rather sizable Instagram following for her sexy, sensuous snapshots. In her most recent share, the svelte Aussie can be seen posing entirely topless, using only her hands to cover her chest.

In this particular image, one shared just days ago, the petite Australian model can be seen striking a pose in a small tide pool, translucent water stretching off into the horizon. The sky appears a slate blue, untouched by clouds, and an island can be seen on the skyline.

The center of attention, however, remains Kristina herself. Rocking a black leather-look cowboy hat and little else besides, the slender beauty stands in the midst of the tide pool. She deftly uses her left hand to cover her breasts from the camera lens, although it is a half-hearted effort that still leaves little to the imagination of her most ardent admirers. Her right hand holds a small black bag, and the only other article of clothing present in the snapshot is an extremely skimpy string bikini bottom.

Kristina’s hips, thighs, and thigh gap are on full display in this particular capture — her flat stomach and tanned, toned body serving as a testament to the holistic regimen of good diet, regular exercise, and solid genetic inheritance. Her skin appears nearly flawless — without a single visible blemish — and her dirty blonde hair is tinged an even lighter hue under the glaring light of the sun. Parting her lips in a breathy, sultry pout, Kristina Mendonca appears simply irresistible.

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When mum takes pictures of you for Insta <3

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Captioning the racy picture with a shout-out to her photographer — perhaps surprisingly, her mother — Kristina makes it clear that she likes to give credit where it is due. It appears that her legions of fans and followers feel exactly the same way, as they showered her nearly-nude image with over 30,000 likes and nearly 400 comments in short order.

One fan wrote, “Hehe my mum takes my photos too! They always get the best shots,” while fellow model Sophie Burnside simply quipped, “Hotness,” followed by three flame emojis.

Perhaps ironically, Mendonca made headlines in 2017 for striking nearly the same pose at a very similar beach-side venue. According to the Daily Mail, Kristina was captured repeating her hand bra performance for a photo shoot conducted on the iconic Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia — her home turf.

Kristina Mendonca has captured the hearts and minds of hundreds of thousands of social media users, and her desirous devotees simply can’t wait to see what she shares next.