Ukrainian Bombshell Leanna Bartlett Gets Naughty & Playfully Spanks Her Girlfriend’s Booty In Sultry Video

Leanna Bartlett / Zoe KlopferInstagram

Ukrainian supermodel Leanna Bartlett is more than accustomed to having all eyes on her, particularly when she’s posing up a storm in the company of another attractive female model. In a recent clip which the blonde bombshell shared to popular social media platform Instagram, she can be seen getting a little bit naughty — taking the time to playfully spank her girlfriend on the backside as both react with smiles and laughter.

In this particular piece of footage, Leanna appears alongside fellow model Zoe Klopfer. Both women are exceedingly attractive — slender, graceful, and blessed with absolutely enviable figures. Each of the two ladies takes turns taking swigs from a can of sweet iced tea, branded Bang, for whom the promotional post appears to be produced. With a western-inspired whistle and twang contributing some ambient music to the proceedings, Leanna Bartlett and Zoe Klopfer take turns showing off their lithe physiques in front of rustic scenery.

With Leanna being clad in a skin-tight black dress, one with a very low neckline and a high hem, it is easy to see that that Ukrainian model is in tip-top condition. Her hourglass silhouette is shown to the camera at every angle, with the lens lingering on her form for many a moment. Zoe Klopfer is no slouch, either. Wearing an equally curve-hugging white dress — nearly a match for Leanna’s — her easy grin and natural beauty make her a sight to be seen.

During one scene in the clip, Leanna takes the time to give Zoe’s backside a light spanking while Zoe isn’t looking — a little maneuver that sends both women into a small fit of laughter. Later, in another example of romanticized and suggestive old-west imagery, the two knock their boots together.

Leanna Bartlett would go on to give Zoe a shout-out in the comments, also taking the time to promote her partnership with sponsor Bang Energy. Despite only having been posted 24 hours ago, the short Instagram share has already gathered an outsized amount of attention — attracting over 11,000 likes and more than 200 comments in very short order.

One user wrote, “Cute babes [heart emoji] love you both,” while another social media follower quipped, “You two babies look amazing.”

Leanna Bartlett made headlines last year for an in-depth interview she conducted with Social, wherein she described what made a man attractive in her eyes.

“For a man to win my heart, it’d have to be his charm and sense of humor… The sexiest thing about a guy is great conversation and his smile.”

Admirers of the buxom blonde may take note that, at least according to Aussie Celebs, Leanna remains single.