‘General Hospital’ Spoilers Tease A Valentine’s Day Wedding And A Surprise Pregnancy

Craig SjodinABC Press

Valentine’s Day is about to get quite interesting on General Hospital. Love and romance is expected to abound next month as spoilers tease that there will be a wedding coming up, as well as a pregnancy surprise.

As February 14 approaches, there may be some hints along the way that will indicate just who is involved in these Valentine’s Day surprises. In the meantime, fans are trying their best to guess which couple will have a spontaneous wedding and which Port Charles lady will end up pregnant. This General Hospital spoiler that was posted by ABC highlights that there will indeed be some love in the afternoon that week. The wedding and baby news are expected to be taking the holiday by storm. Cupid may be working overtime as some of the couples will get their romance on, according to the network.

“Port Charles gets a very special visit from Cupid this Valentine’s Day when one couple spontaneously decides to tie the knot and another announces a surprise pregnancy. Meanwhile, Kristina is unnerved by how close Sam and Shiloh have become; and Sonny plans to whisk Carly away on a romantic getaway.”

There are several possibilities on which couple will be walking down the aisle. The main guess among viewers predicts that it will be Franco and Elizabeth who will decide to ditch the big wedding for a quick exchanging of the vows.

Of course, there is always Jason and Sam who could decide that they want to be a family as they once were. Those two just reunited this past week, so the wedding spoiler may include a JaSam wedding. Another couple whose names have been thrown out have been Kim and Drew. They are not an official couple, but General Hospital spoilers in the coming days say that they will be getting closer than ever.

The pregnancy surprise will definitely be an interesting one. Who could be with child for Valentine’s Day? The chatter on social media suggests that Ava Jerome will be the one to get pregnant with Ryan’s baby. That would be quite the twist since he is the one who killed her oldest child.

JaSam fans are hoping that Sam will get pregnant with Jason’s baby, but two weeks down the road would be a little too soon to find out you are expecting. Could it be that the wedding and baby news affects the same couple? Friz fans would be totally ecstatic if Liz and Franco get married and also find out they are having a baby together. Other possibilities would be Jordan or Nina who may get the news that they are pregnant.

Wouldn’t it be really an unexpected twist if Kim Nero ends up pregnant with Julian’s baby? Now that would really throw a wrench into her potential romance with Drew, not to mention a future Julexis reunion. Plus, it would be bittersweet for Kim to end up having another child at the same time as losing another.

Get ready for some unexpected surprises for February sweeps. Hopefully, Ryan Chamberlain will not claim another victim over Valentine’s Day. Keep watching General Hospital to see who ties the knot and who ends up pregnant.