Police Say An Illegal Immigrant From El Salvador Took Part In A Brutal Killing Spree Which Was Cited By Trump

Joe Raedle Getty Images

Police have said that undocumented and illegal immigrant Wilber Ernesto Martinez-Guzman, 19, who is originally from El Salvador, took part in a horrific killing spree that has left four people dead. Meanwhile, President Donald Trump has stated in a tweet that these killings are proof that a southern border wall is needed to keep Americans alive and safe.

As CNN reported, the undocumented immigrant has fully confessed to the murders, leaving Trump to declare that if Martinez-Guzman hadn’t been allowed into the country in the first place, the vicious killings would never have occurred.

“Four people in Nevada viciously robbed and killed by an illegal immigrant who should not have been in our Country. We need a powerful Wall!”

According to police, Martinez-Guzman stole a gun from the home of elderly couple Jerry David, 81, and wife, Sherri David, 80, and then turned it on them, before stealing a large number of items from their Reno, Nevada home.

Martinez-Guzman then carried on with his killing spree, also murdering Sophia Renken, 74, in her home, along with Connie Koontz, 56, who was also murdered in her own house.

The police have since discovered the many possessions that Martinez-Guzman stole from his victims, which included firearms, a Mac computer, and an Apple Watch, all of which were found at the suspect’s place of residence.

Wilber Ernesto Martinez-Guzman was finally arrested by police on January 19 and on Thursday, he faced arraignment on 36 separate charges, which reportedly include the possession of stolen property, multiple counts of burglary, and taking money using false pretenses.

Martinez-Guzman has, so far, cooperated with police, even admitting to the slaying of Jerry and Sherri David using a gun that he stole from them, and told police where they could find the murder weapon, which was needed for the probable cause search warrant. Besides the one gun of the David couple that was recovered, police also discovered 10 further guns.

Because police didn’t find any evidence that the suspected killer had used forced entry into any of the homes that he entered, it is believed that Martinez-Guzman knew all four of the people that he killed, who apparently trusted him enough to allow him into their homes.

It has been reported that the alleged undocumented immigrant Martinez-Guzman, who was cited by Donald Trump as a reason for building the border wall, has been in the United States for at least one year and has been working in construction, while both his mother and siblings are said to reside in Carson City, Nevada.