Arnold Schwarzenegger Has Accused Donald Trump Of Making A ‘Big Mistake’ On Climate Change

Christophe PallotGetty Images

While enjoying himself at the annual ski races in Kitzbuhel, Austria, former governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger accused Donald Trump of making a “big mistake” about climate change and the White House’s environmental policies.

According to CNN, fighting climate change is something that is profoundly important to Schwarzenegger, who created the R20 climate change organization back in 2011, and the “Terminator” has reminded people everywhere that a recent World Health Organization (WHO) report has estimated that air pollution causes the deaths of at least seven million people around the world each year, a figure which is tragically growing steadily worse over time.

When speaking with Christina Macfarlane at the Rasmushof Alm Hotel, Arnold Schwarzenegger explained how important it is to fight climate change, which he has previously noted is something that Donald Trump doesn’t profess to believe in. However, Schwarzenegger admitted that world leaders can’t fix environmental policies by themselves, and that the issue of climate change is one which needs to be addressed by everybody.

“It is extremely important that in order to be successful with our environmental crusade and to fight global climate change and to fight all of the pollution we have worldwide, we all have to work together. And the more people we bring into the crusade the better it is. The world leaders alone have not been able to solve the problem and they won’t.”

As Arnold Schwarzenegger continued, “Whether it is the Indian movement or the women’s suffrage movement, or anti apartheid movement or the civil rights movement in America — none of those were solved in the capitals, always by people. So people power is essential.”

Donald Trump, meanwhile, has stated publicly that climate change is nothing but an elaborate “hoax” and even refuted a report by his own administration which suggested that global warming could have a deadly affect upon the economy, to which the president merely replied, “I don’t believe it.”

Schwarzenegger is firm in his belief that Trump is one day going to regret taking the United States out of the Paris Agreement, which is something the president did back in 2017.

But despite the huge setback that occurred when Trump pulled the United States out of the agreement, Schwarzenegger has suggested that Americans are mainly behind the fight of climate change, noting, “The United States is in, it’s just the federal government is not.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger has suggested that Donald Trump may one day “wake up” and realize that he made a huge mistake in not championing environmental policies that combat climate change, but until that time the former California governor is of the opinion that people need to rise up around the world and do their part to fight what is happening to the Earth.