Patton Oswalt Donates $2,000 To Internet Troll After Learning About His Medical Bills

Frederick M. BrownGetty Images

Patton Oswalt has reminded Twitter that there’s an actual person behind every tweet, CNN is reporting. When a troll came after Oswalt on Twitter, he not only took the high road — he went above and beyond. Oswalt had tweeted a vulgar message to Donald Trump and told the president he was “going to resign.” Like many political tweets, this message sparked some backlash and debate. A user named Michael Beatty was one of the trolls to respond to Oswalt with his two cents.

“I just realized why I was so happy you died in Blade Trinity!” Beatty tweeted to the actor.

Oswalt hit back by saying that he often gets similar comments from Trump fans and that it “always makes him smile.” The story would’ve ended there if Oswalt hadn’t clicked on Beatty’s profile and explored the page. The actor stumbled upon a GoFundMe link, and learned that his hater — who also turned out to be a Vietnam veteran — had tons of medical bills to pay off after struggling with diabetes and sepsis. As you can imagine, these health complications resulted in a lengthy medical stay. When Oswalt discovered the fundraiser to pay off the medical bills, he donated $2,000 and shared the link.

“Aw, man. This dude just attacked me on Twitter and I joked back but then I looked at his timeline and he’s in a LOT of trouble health-wise,” Oswalt tweeted. “I’d be pissed off too. He’s been dealt some sh**ty cards — let’s deal him some good ones. Click and donate — just like I’m about to.”

Beatty was stunned. His fundraising goal was $5,000 and, as of this writing, he has received a total of $43,800 in donations.

“Patton,” he tweeted in response. “You have humbled me to the point where I can barely compose my words. You have caused me to take pause and reflect on how harmful words from my mouth could result in such an outpouring. Thank you for this and I will pass this on to my cousin who needs help.”

It was unclear at first as to why he mentioned his cousin, but it was later learned that his cousin has donated $200 to Beatty’s fundraiser despite dealing with a granddaughter recovering from a car accident. Beatty told the Huffington Post in an e-mail that he was touched that even with doctor’s bill and attorney fees, his cousin had tried to give him what little he had. Beatty says he will be seeing his cousin in person on February 5 and plans to give him $500 in person.