Chris Brown Markets Raunchy T-Shirts That Mock Alleged Rape Victim

Last Monday Chris Brown was arrested in Paris, France for the alleged violent rape of a 24-year-old Algerian model. The next day the 29-year-old rapper denied her accusations, and then he promptly announced he would be retaliating by filing a defamation suit against her. What's more, that's not the only way Breezy offered some payback; he's currently marketing raunchy t-shirt designs through his clothing line, Black Pyramid, that mock the woman's claims of rape.

The art-inspired tees Chris Brown is promoting to capitalize on the coverage of his City of Love arrest and proclaim his innocence have slogans that read, "THIS B**** LYIN." According to Blast, the phrase were the first words the "Undecided" singer uttered after he was released from police custody. The subject was heavily discussed on social media sites such as Instagram afterward.

The boldly-worded tees are featured on Chris Brown's Black Pyramid home page, and they come in three designs and retail for $38. Per the Daily Mail, the controversial fashion pieces are available in white and black. Two of the shirts have an illustration of a blonde caucasian woman weeping, while a third, known as the 'Paris Edition' has the text "THIS B**** LYIN" printed on top of a picture of the Mona Lisa. The back of the 'Paris Edition' has illustrations of the Eiffel Tower and France.

The shirt designs were additionally posted to the official Black Pyramid Instagram account. The majority of the responses took aim at Chris Brown and wrote among the lines that it was in bad taste to make a mockery of sexual assault. One commented, "Truly gross on every level." Another really gave the R&B vocalist a scolding, especially since he had a daughter of his own, they wrote.

Chanillaberry commented,

This shirt is cute @chrisbrownofficial until someone's wearing it after violating your daughter... I get it your tired of people taking aim at you, especially women... But you're the father of a GIRL!! Until you do more to empower the women in this world... You're simply cutting your nose to spite your face.
Shortly after his arrest, Brown wrote on his official Instagram account,
I WANNA MAKE IT PERFECTLY CLEAR…… THIS IS FALSE AND A WHOLE LOT OF CAP!" Brown wrote on Instagram, alongside a photo that read, "THIS B*** LYIN'.
On another post on Chris Brown's Instagram account, critics wondered why trouble in one form or the other seems to follow the recording artist. Other fans lent their support. Regardless, "THIS B**** LYIN" became the slogan that Brown decided he would use to take a dig at the alleged rape victim.

The "Kiss Kiss" singer went on to write,

The Inquisitr reported on details of Chris Brown's arrest that may lend credence to the rapper's insistence that he didn't rape his accuser. The details of this were originally published in a TMZ article, and they emerged shortly after the woman made allegations against Chris Brown and two of his friends.

The French authorities said that the investigation is still ongoing, per TMZ. However, the investigators also said that they were "having problems with" the accuser's story, a TMZ source close to the case said. The TMZ insider said that investigators added that the story was "almost impossible to believe." The insider went on to point out that the investigators said that "the weakest part of the case is the alleged victim's statement to police."

Chris Brown has an attorney in France who adamantly says that he and the two other men are not guilty of the rape or drug offenses they are accused of. They deny any wrongdoings, including sexual relations with the alleged rape victim, the attorney stated.