Michael Bloomberg Has Called Donald Trump A ‘Pretend CEO’ Who Is Also A ‘Totally Incompetent’ President

Al Drago Getty Images

Michael Bloomberg, former three-time mayor of New York City, took aim at Donald Trump on Friday when he met with a group of Democratic business leaders and suggested that the president was “flunking” in every way possible.

With Bloomberg allegedly testing the waters to see if people will see him as a potential presidential candidate for 2020, the 76-year-old billionaire told those assembled that it may be too late for Trump to save himself at this late date, according to Newsmax.

“I think it’s clear this president at this point cannot be helped, and the training wheels that the staff tried to put on in the Oval Office have not worked. The president is just flunking every single test.”

With Donald Trump having spent his entire career up until now in real estate, one might expect him to have amassed a wealth of experience in this regard. Yet, Michael Bloomberg believes this is not the case at all, calling the president a “pretend CEO” who also happens to be “totally incompetent” as a president.

Bloomberg further appeared to suggest that he would be able to create a wildly successful Democratic campaign to challenge Trump in the 2020 presidential election if he were nominated to run. Bloomberg pointed to the fact that change is sorely needed in the White House right now, while further noting that no one in their right mind would even hire Donald Trump now to run a company, let alone the country.

“We’ve got to make sure we’ve got someone different in the White House and I’m committed to that. Who here would hire Donald Trump to run their company? No. We’re his boss though. We’re the board of directors. And we should do what any board of directors would do in the private sector.”

If Michael Bloomberg wanted to run for president, there would nothing to stop him from funding his own campaign, as the former mayor is currently estimated to be worth at least $50 billion. However, if he were to do this, he would almost certainly incur the wrath of other Democrats, and it is worth noting that U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren has previously stated that she doesn’t believe billionaires shouldn’t even be running for president.

While Bloomberg has admitted that it would be wonderful to be president of the United States, he also noted that there were many things to consider, like family and one’s private life, before considering such a position.

However, judging from Michael Bloomberg’s recent comments about Donald Trump, it is safe to say that he is fairly certain that he would do a much better job as president.