Josephine Skriver Flaunts Ample Cleavage In A Pink Swimsuit On Instagram


Josephine Skriver showed off her strong Scandinavian immune system in new Instagram snap wherein she is featured wearing a bright pink swimsuit while standing in icy-cold water. Josephine tied her hair into a messy bun, accessorized with a delicate silver pendant, and wore no makeup at all to pull off a very simple and casual look.

The Victoria’s Secret angel bent down to flaunt major cleavage and flashed a warm smile that melted many hearts. She wrote that she loves winter swimming because it gives an adrenaline rush that provides a great feeling throughout the day.

It is no surprise as to why she loves winter bathing or swimming because it is a growing trend in Denmark and other Scandinavian countries.

It is based on the principle of contrasting between hot and cold, indoors and outdoors. Swimmers first jump in icy-cold water for a few minutes and then warm up the body immediately afterwards, either by going to a sauna or by taking a hot shower.

Josephine wrote in the post that even if someone doesn’t have a frozen ocean nearby, they can take an icy cold shower in the morning. The model also revealed one of her beauty secrets and added that the practice of winter bathing makes an immediate difference in the texture of one’s skin and hair. “It’s so good for you,” Josephine wrote.

The picture wasn’t posted on Josephine’s own Instagram page but on her workout page — Joja — which she collaboratively runs with fellow Victoria’s Secret angel, Jamine Tookes.

Within a few hours of being posted, the picture was liked more than 35,000 times and followers left more than 160 messages on the picture to praise the Danish hottie for her beautiful and strong figure. Some fans also called her brave and added that they would also give winter bathing a try.

And as Josephine told her fans that the practice of winter bathing is good for skin, some female fans also asked Josephine to share other skin-care secrets with them.

Josephine has, however, previously opened up about how she takes care of her skin and in an interview with POPSUGAR, she said that apart from drinking plenty of water and not picking at blemishes, she uses tea tree oil if her skin breaks out.

The model also said during the interview that she likes to take a minimalist approach towards makeup — a trait inherent to Danes.

“Makeup should be a beauty enhancer, not a mask. It should be something you can put on, and it makes you feel better, like that feeling when you put on red lipstick and you can take over the world and you feel badass. But you shouldn’t necessarily have to cover up.”