As Tom Brady Prepares For The Super Bowl, Wife Gisele Bundchen Leads Outreach For Brazil Dam Collapse Victims

Neilson BarnardGetty Images

Tom Brady is preparing for the biggest game of his life, but wife Gisele Bundchen has an even bigger cause in mind.

On Saturday, the supermodel took to Instagram to raise awareness for a disaster in her native Brazil — a dam collapse in the town of Brumadinho that has left nine people dead and another 300 missing. Gisele posted a picture of herself praying for the victims and links to outreach efforts.

“It’s very sad that a disaster like this has happened again,” she wrote in the caption. “My heart is broken and I’m praying for all the families affected by the tragedy in Brumadinho-BR.”

The disaster took place on Friday, with the collapse of the dam sending water and mud into the nearby town, where it destroyed buildings and washed away roads. With many homes buried and residents trapped, the rescue efforts have been dangerous.

As the Independent reported, the disaster in eastern Brazil triggered mudslides that caused further damage and spread mining waste around the surrounding areas. The mayor of Brumadinho said that the death toll will likely climb sharply as recovery efforts continue.

There are some rescue efforts still going on, with helicopters deployed to approach some of the people trapped by the water. There were more than 300 firefighters and other rescue personnel sent to the scene on Saturday, digging through waste in the hopes of tracking down some victims still alive.

There is not much hope for finding survivors of the disaster, however.

“Unfortunately, at this point, the chances of finding survivors are minimal. We’re likely to just be rescuing bodies,” Romeu Zema, governor of the state of Minas Gerais, told the Independent.

Others blamed the intensive and sometimes environmentally dangerous mining efforts that take place throughout the state, which have led to other deadly accidents in the past.

This is not the first time that Gisele Bundchen has made efforts to help people in her home country. The supermodel has been active with a number of charity efforts, including a $150,000 to Brazil’s Zero Hunger effort.

Her outreach takes place during what would otherwise be a very busy, though familiar, week for the family. Tom Brady and the New England Patriots are set to play in the Super Bowl next week in Atlanta, and Gisele Bundchen has always been in the spotlight in the lead-up to the team’s appearances, giving interviews and posting pictures of her support from the sidelines.