‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Fans Think The Mooch Twist Was A Cover-Up

Sonja FlemmingCBS

Viewers are just four episodes in and Celebrity Big Brother Season 2 already has its first scandal. Friday night’s episode of the popular reality series revealed that houseguest Anthony Scaramucci was not a player in the game at all, but was there as a twist to unleash a second Power of Veto competition before the first eviction.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Scaramucci revealed to the houseguests via video that he wasn’t playing the game, but was there to leave clues that would aid in the winning of a POV competition. Houseguests would compete in an unprecedented second POV before an eviction where they would have to identify newspaper headlines that had matched up with quotes Scaramucci said during his time in the house. Kato Kaelin ended up winning the POV, and the Mooch was never heard from again.

Simple, right? Not really. Hundreds of CBB fans took to Twitter after the twist was announced slamming the show for what they believed to be a cover-up of Scaramucci’s actual self-eviction. Things just weren’t lining up for the viewers, who believed they were being bamboozled by producers.

“Everything about this is shady I really think Grodner paid mooch to leave or mooch wanted to quit and they didn’t want anymore quitters this season it just seems like it was to help Jonathan get past the week,” a viewer tweeted.

Allison Grodner has been the longtime producer of Big Brother and is often the punching bag when fans don’t like the twists they see on their screens. Her name popped up in plenty of tweets after the Mooch twist was revealed, with many believing she created the fake twist to save face after two celebrities self-evicted last season.

Some conspiracy theories suggested Scaramucci had self-evicted before the live feeds even went up and Grodner struck a deal with him to keep him in the house just for the first week and created the second POV competition to cover it up.

“Grodner…. Grodner….. Grodner……You did it again you PISSED off an entire Fandom…… all that you can COVER UP Mooch’s quit #CBBUS2 and TRIED to make it into a twist,” another viewer wrote.

Fans were also confused on why Scaramucci was participating in diary sessions, where houseguests speak to the camera in private about their gameplay. If the politician was just a twist and ploy, why would he be talking game with producers when the other houseguests couldn’t even see him?

For now, the only word fans have to go on is that of CBS, who are claiming Scaramucci was always meant to be a twist.

The next episode of Celebrity Big Brother airs Sunday night at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.