Bella Thorne Goes Makeup-Free In See-Through Shirt That Reveals Just About Everything

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Bella Thorne just posted a makeup-free selfie that may have been way more revealing than she intended.

The actress took to Instagram on Friday to share the picture, which showed her with her hair flowing over her shoulders and a black shirt that was entirely see-through, revealing the nipple ring she was wearing. The snap earned some viral interest, with fans leaving plenty of supportive comments, but others wondering if the actress had meant to reveal so much.

“OMG YOU ARE SO PERFECT,” one fan wrote.

It’s likely that the revealing picture was no accident. As she moves out of the long shadow of her work as a child actress from the Disney Channel, Bella Thorne has posted some increasingly racy pictures on social media, including ones that have shown her topless. The star has attracted a huge social media following in the meantime, with her photos getting viral interest with some regularity.

As a source recently told Hollywood Life, Bella is very comfortable with nudity and believes in body positivity, so showing herself off would not be a big deal to her. The 21-year-old is also trying to live in the moment, the source added, and that means posting racy pictures whenever she feels like it.

“She does it for many reasons with one of those reasons being that she wants to look back and see how hot she was when she is like 80,” the source said. “She wants to know that she lived her life without fear and nobody ever dictated what she did with her life or body ever! She never wants anyone to change who she is, if someone is confidant to show of their body, they should and she wants to share that with people that they shouldn’t be scared either.”

The report noted that Bella’s “live in the moment” attitude also extends to her love life, where she is currently dating two people at the same time. Her boyfriend is musician Mod Sun, and her girlfriend is YouTube star Tana Mongeau, who often shares bits about the unconventional relationship in her vlogs.

Though the picture posted on Friday was racy, it stayed within Instagram’s strict “no nudity” rules that expressly forbid the showing of any nipple.

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No make up???????? working on my skin line currently !!

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Fans who want to check out more of Bella Thorne’s racy pictures can turn to her Instagram page, which is never in short supply of revealing snaps.