Chris Pratt Is Already Talking About Having Kids With Fiancee Katherine Schwarzenegger

Jonathan LeibsonGetty Images

Chris Pratt seems in the baby-making mood. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the Guardians Of The Galaxy star revealed that he’s looking forward to having several children with his future wife, Katherine Schwarzenegger.

“The future? Oh. Lots of kids,” he said. “Maybe less time spent working, more time spent enjoying life.”

Pratt added that he wants to take more time off from work, in general, to partake in life’s simpler pleasures.

“I always want to be that guy that works to live, not lives to work,” he said. “I think [I want to spend] just a lot of time at the farm and a lot of time catching a lot of fish and seeing lots of sunsets.”

Chris Pratt announced their engagement via an Instagram post earlier this month. In it, he thanked his fiancee for saying yes to his proposal and added a nod to their Christian beliefs.

“Proud to live boldly in faith with you. Here we go!”

As People Magazine reports, Pratt and Schwarzenegger are both deeply religious. A source told the magazine that her Christianity is one of the things that attracted him to her. According to People, the couple has gone to church together several times ever since they started dating last year.

“They’re very compatible and have a lot in common,” the source said. “Family is very important to both of them, as well as their spirituality.”

Pratt has long been very open about his faith and has often shared stories about how Christianity changed his life. As Beliefnet notes, the actor has said that his big break came after he met a man who told him that he should accept Jesus into his life because he was “destined for great things.” Pratt ditched his friends that day and ended up joining Jews for Jesus. A short time later, he landed his first acting role after he was discovered by a director during a shift as a waiter.

Katherine’s embrace of Christianity wasn’t so dramatic. People Magazine reports that she grew up Catholic, but that she and her family attended non-denominational Christian churches throughout their lives as well.

E! Online reports that the couple is already thinking about wedding dates, so it may not be a very long engagement. One source said that they’re leaning toward having a summer wedding. As for the location, the insider disclosed that they’re considering having their nuptials in Martha’s Vineyard. It’s a place that’s reportedly close to Schwarzenegger’s heart because she spent several childhood vacations there.

And her mom is expected to be very hands-on when it comes to the planning.

“They will have an engagement party and bridal shower for Katherine coming up,” the insider added. “Its a very special time for the family and everyone is completely thrilled. They can’t stop smiling and celebrating.”