American Fitness Model Jen Selter Spreads Her Legs, Does The Full Splits In Thong Beach Bikini

David BeckerGetty Images

American fitness model Jen Selter is completely unafraid to display her curvaceous figure for the entire world to see, frequently taking to popular social media platform Instagram to share sultry snapshots with her legions of fans. In her most recent snapshot, one taken from the side of a sandy beach, the slim and sexy model is showing off every bit of her flexibility — and her famous figure.

In this particular image, the brunette bombshell can be seen striking a coy and provocative pose on a white-sand beach. Small sprigs of greenery can be seen on the left side of the photographic frame, and small clumps of seaweed dot the idyllic coast. The center of attention for the audience, however, clearly has to rest on the toned and tanned physique of Jen Selter, front and center in the aesthetic composition. Doing an impressive set of full splits that would make Jean-Claude Van Damme envious, the Instagram influencer shows that she is as flexible and as athletic as she is gorgeous.

Wearing an olive or army green thong bikini — one that leaves very little to the imagination — Jen also chooses to accessorize her look with a pair of vintage aviators and a small silver bracelet.

In the caption of the image, the chestnut-haired model gave her fans an indication that she was a bit tired of the wintry weather in New York City, telling her followers that she was pretty excited to be headed somewhere where the thermostat showed a more encouraging reading. She also took the time to make a little joke regarding her full splits, offering up hashtags that suggest the move was a little bit painful.

It seems like her most ardent admirers really appreciated the revealing scene on display, offering over 260,000 likes to Jen’s share, as well as over 2,100 comments. One user wrote, “GAINS beyond belief,” while another Instagram follower quipped, “you’re gorgeous queennnnn [sic].”

Jen Selter made headlines at around this time last year, late January, when she was kicked off of an American Airlines flight pursuant to a disagreement with a flight attendant. While standing to stretch and gain access to the overhead compartments, Selter was promptly told to regain her seat by staff, per NBC. Despite finding some unlikely allies in the form of fellow passengers, Jen’s protests were in vain, and she was removed from the flight.

While she was turfed from that particular flight, the American fitness model wasn’t delayed by too much, being able to take the next flight home in short order.