Bernie Sanders Is Reportedly Preparing To Announce His Presidential Run For 2020

Sean Rayford Getty Images

Vermont senator, Bernie Sanders is reportedly gearing up to announce his next presidential run for 2020, according to two sources close to Sanders who apparently have personal knowledge of his intention to run for the White House again.

Sanders, who has called himself a “democratic socialist,” and who has the blessings of many, has apparently been debating whether he should run for president again for quite some time now, but one source has now said that he has finally made up his mind after keeping a close watch on polls which indicate that he is still wildly popular as a potential presidential candidate and that he is one of the most popular candidates in the Democratic primary field, as Huffington News through Yahoo has reported.

When considering whether he should run for president again in 2020, Bernie Sanders was also apparently delighted to find that he has an overwhelming amount of support from both the Latino and African-American community, which was allegedly lower back in 2016.

The unnamed source who has claimed that Bernie Sanders will be running for president again in 2020 also stated that with polls showing that the senator may just be the most popular politician in all of America, the time is certainly right to announce his nomination with so much support.

“What the senator has this time that he didn’t have last time is he is the most popular elected official in the country right now. That’s light years away from 2016 when very few people knew who he was.”

Another source has suggested that the first thing Bernie Sanders will be doing after he announces his run for president is to create an exploratory committee. However, it should be noted that Sanders has not personally responded to this idea or commented on it as of yet.

However, a staffer who previously worked for Sanders has said that Bernie has been working on preparing for his presidential run for a while and that many things are already in place, with the Vermont senator allegedly hiring people to work on his campaign already.

“He’s already talking to staff and there are people he’s hiring. They’re nailing down contracts with vendors, all the movement is there for him to run.”

Despite the fact that Sanders lost to Hillary Clinton during the last election, many people have cried foul over how he was treated, with politicians who agree with his Medicare for All plans like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who also backed him, now in office.

With polls suggesting that Bernie Sanders is one of the top candidates for president in the United States, many Americans will now be watching and waiting to see if Sanders will be announcing his 2020 presidential run.