Lindsay Lohan Shares Bikini Pic From Her Club In Mykonos & Asks If She’s Hallie Or Annie From ‘Parent Trap’

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Lindsay Lohan fans have been getting up close and personal with the celebrity through her new show, Lohan Beach Club. And earlier today, she shared a bikini selfie with fans from her Mykonos club, as she asked fans in the captions whether she’s “Annie or Hallie?” The Parent Trap reference isn’t hard to get, considering that the remake of the classic movie was one of her breakout moments in popular culture. And considering that Annie was the more quiet, reserved twin, many fans voted for Hallie.

The selfie shows Lindsay wearing a halter-tie bikini top with black-and-white stripes. She wore her hair in a loose bun, and someone caught her taking a selfie of herself. People left her comments like, “Both,” “Awesome actress,” and “iconic.”

In addition, there’s been a bit of drama with the beach club Instagram, as her business partner, Panos, is believed to have shared a photo of a woman lounging on the beach at the club. The Daily Mail noted that Lohan commented on the now-deleted post.

“Take this down. It’s disgusting. Plus we don’t open TIL end of may. It’s stupid you would do this,” she wrote. And in case anyone was wondering who was at fault, Lohan followed it up with another message, saying, “@panosofgreece I will shut down the account now if you don’t. Erase this random person at my beach.”

It’s hard to know exactly what is so “disgusting” about the photo, considering it’s just of a woman enjoying herself at the club. The woman in question, Karolina Palazi, simply posted a photo of herself at the club on January 2 with the caption “Nostalgia,” followed by a red heart emoji. So clearly, she’d visited previously last summer, and was simply missing the summer vibes. The photo showed Karolina reclining on a large outdoor sofa, as she wore a bright red bikini. Palazi’s fans joked with her that “You’re about to get sued!!!” and “Lindsay hating on you WT* lol.”

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Nostalgia ..❤️

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Considering that the photo has been since removed from the club social media page, it would seem that the drama will blow over.

In other news, Lindsay opened up to Entertainment Weekly about her struggles with the public’s perception of her.

“[Even] if I do everything right, they have to find one thing to make everything negative to some extent. I just want to know what people want me to do so that everything can just be okay. I don’t know if that’s ever going to be possible.”