Kanye West Debuts Tiger-Striped Haircut After Rapper The Game Reveals He Slept With Kim Kardashian

Roy RochlinGetty Images

Kanye West has undergone a mini-makeover with a new change to his appearance. According to Hollywood Life, the Yeezus rapper is sporting a new haircut and now photos of his new look are going viral. It has been reported that Kanye is now flaunting a tiger-striped haircut.

On January 25, Kanye was spotted on his way to his office located in Calabasas, California. While the commute to the office is relatively typical for Kanye, what turned heads was his new haircut. The rapper reportedly has stripes all over his head. Now, Kanye West’s new look is circulating on social media networks. As expected, the haircut has garnered various reactions from fans who wasted no time sharing their opinions on social media. While some fans find Kanye’s look innovative, others argued that the cut seemed outrageous and attention-seeking.

Many other fans also admitted this new cut reminds them of Kanye’s previous style — one of his past haircuts included markings in the shame of tribal signs and arrows. However, this new hairdo should come as no surprise, since Kanye has dyed his hair blonde and pink on multiple occasions. In fact, last February, Kanye made headlines when he debuted his pink hair color.

The latest reports about Kanye West’s tiger-striped haircut follow a string of reports about The Game’s new single and the parts that detail his past relationship with Kim Kardashian. The song, which was only partially leaked on Instagram, revisits his sexual relationship with Kanye’s wife. The reference brought back the rumor that Kim was just one of the Kardashian’s he’s been with. However, The Game previously shared on The Wendy Williams Show that he had been with three Kardashian women, including Rob Kardashian’s now-ex, Blac Chyna. The Game did firmly deny that mom, Kris Jenner was a notch on his belt.

On the new track, the California rapper graphically described sexual acts Kim Kardashian allegedly performed during their time together. Also in the unreleased track leak, was an apology to Kanye. “I should apologize, ’cause ‘Ye my folks ni***.”

Although The Game did apologize, fans are patiently waiting to see how Kanye responds. When Kim became embroiled in a heated social media debate with Drake, Kanye previously called out the Canadian rapper, wasting no time coming to his wife’s defense. He did the same when Nick Cannon made mention of Kim. But, at the time of writing, Kanye has yet to respond to the song.