Donald Trump Has Reportedly Given His ‘Blessing’ For Border Wall To Be Privately Funded And Built

Olivier DoulieryGetty Images

Now that the American government is set to reopen, albeit temporarily, Donald Trump has just offered his blessing to have the border wall privately funded and built.

As AP News reports, the private funding of a southern border wall is apparently looking even more appealing to Trump today as the president’s personal “blessing” has now been bestowed upon the special GoFundMe project to build a wall that was started by Brian Kolfage, who is a veteran of the Iraq War and also a triple amputee.

Former Kansas secretary of state Kris Kobach, who sits on the advisory board of We Build the Wall Inc., is a big proponent of Kolfage’s plan, and after Donald Trump announced that the government would reopen, Kobach stated emphatically that after the three week shutdown it is clear to him that going through Congress is probably not the best solution to building a border wall, and that going private makes much more sense.

“After three-plus decades we are not convinced Congress will find a viable solution in three weeks. That’s why we are moving forward to secure sections of the border privately and the President has blessed our private approach.”

Furthermore, those working at We Build the Wall Inc. have stated that regardless of Donald Trump’s decision to finally end the stalemate and reopen the government, this will not affect their plans to build a southern border wall in any way, and they are already allegedly preparing to begin constructing this wall on private property.

As Kolfage further stated, it is clear that Trump is working hard to fulfill the promise he made when he was running for president to curb illegal immigration and to build a border wall and will do this by whatever means necessary, which also includes giving his blessing for a wall to be privately funded and built if the government is unable to reach an agreement on the matter.

“In our discussions with President Trump on Wednesday it was clear that the President is doing everything he can to honor his signature campaign promise and that includes our private solution. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are not negotiating in good faith and so we’re moving forward to do what career politicians have failed to get done for decades. We are honored to have the President’s blessing.”

For those interested in learning more about the private solution that Donald Trump has endorsed to build a border wall and what that entails, more details are available at We Build the Wall Inc.