‘General Hospital’ Fans React To Friday’s Cliffhanger, Spoilers Tease Big Episode Ahead On Monday

Alberto E. RodriguezGetty Images for NATAS

As General Hospital fans had anticipated, Friday’s episode was a big one. Unfortunately, viewers in some areas missed part of the show due to President Trump appearing on-air to discuss the situation regarding the government shutdown. Luckily, spoilers detail that the big drama comes on Monday, and everybody will want to be sure to tune in for that one.

As SheKnows Soaps recaps, Ryan did recover his sight and he wasted no time in telling Ava he had business to handle. He quickly made his way to Lulu’s room to try to finish her off. Laura had been excited to feel Lulu squeeze her hand earlier and raced out of the room to get medical personnel, but Ryan was the one who was in the room when she opened her eyes.

Lulu stared at Ryan and General Hospital spoilers reveal that during Monday’s show, he’ll tell her not to fight. The buzz has been that she may not remember the attack, so she may be confused by “Kevin’s” ominous presence. Luckily, it sounds as if something will cause an interruption and prevent Ryan from completing his mission once again.

As everybody watched this part of Friday’s cliffhanger, fans ranted on Twitter. Many noted that it seemed absurd that Lulu’s room would be left unguarded.

Lulu was just savagely attacked, her mother is the new mayor, her husband is a detective, and her father-in-law is the big mobster in town. Given all of that, it seems a no-brainer that someone would be stationed at the door of her room to keep an eye on her. In addition, she is the sole witness who can provide any information of substance to the PCPD regarding what happened to her, yet she didn’t have any protection as she remained unconscious.

Not only are people annoyed by that misstep, others question how there never seem to be cameras anywhere to provide valuable surveillance footage. Some fans on Twitter have joked about putting together a fundraiser to get cameras installed at the Metro Court, General Hospital, and Wyndemere. In addition, viewers have voiced frustrations over some of the central characters that either haven’t been by Lulu’s side or haven’t been mentioned.

General Hospital spoilers hint that Dante’s absence will be a big storyline soon, but others are upset that Bobbie and Maxie, for example, haven’t been right by Lulu and Laura’s side. Of course, there’s also buzz about how it hasn’t seemed a priority to mention reaching out to Lucky or Luke at this overwhelming time either.

Some fans have speculated that this moment of Ryan standing over Lulu’s bed as she opens her eyes could be a bit of trickery. General Hospital is known for fake-outs and this would be an ideal scenario. It’s possible, although not confirmed, that Ryan is envisioning his opportunity to take care of Lulu as she opens her eyes and sees him or something of that nature.

Luckily, regardless of when viewers see Ryan’s next attempt on Lulu’s life, General Hospital spoilers suggest that he’ll be unsuccessful once again. However, he’s also not going to be caught quite yet. As the Inquisitr has teased, February sweeps will be jam-packed with developments with this storyline, and fans will be buzzing over what comes next.