Archaeologists Have Discovered A Stunning Stone Age Settlement Along The Lake Store Myrvatnet In Norway

Archaeologists have discovered a new addition to the Stone Age settlements along the lake Store Myrvatnet in Norway, along with traces of past habitation which dates back 10,000 years.

According to Science Nordic, the Stone Age settlement is located just east of Hunnedalen and can be found situated on a mountain plateau. As archaeologist Krister Eilertsen has stated, this ancient settlement contains a large circle of stones which was once used to hold up a very large tent, and ancient artifacts-like tools have also been recovered from the site.

“The settlement consists of a tent ring, a circle of stones which would have been laid around the tent to keep the canvas in place. We also found some tools together with the stones. These included a flint blade, which is a variety of knife, and other tools.”

Due to extreme drought, the Store Myrvatnet lake was extremely dry, which allowed archaeologists to investigate areas that would normally not have been visible with a full lake. Excavations originally began at this site during the 1980s and 1990s, and to date the oldest Stone Age settlements in Norway have been unearthed in this area.

As Eilertsen noted, “We already knew of the other stone-age settlements around the same lake, and we have previously found arrowheads, scrapers and knives here. Archaeologists have also found fragments of burned bones, but we did not find any this time.”

Fortunately for archaeologists, much of the area of this Stone Age settlement consists of peat, which means that after past Stone Age residents left this area, the peat preserved a great deal of what they had left behind, according to Eilertsen.

“This has led to exceptionally good conditions for conservation at several of the stone-age settlements, where artifacts, tent rings, and fireplaces have been left untouched. One experience a special feeling when holding a knife that might last have been held by a human more than 10.000 years ago.”

Other items that have been discovered along Store Myrvatnet include stone seals and a wealth of fireplaces, and because of this, archaeologists have continued to make certain that they receive funds from the Directorate for Cultural Heritage, as otherwise all of the treasures they have discovered at the Norwegian site would be lost forever to time, and they also would not be able to make the many new discoveries that they have over the past decades that they have been investigating and excavating this area.

After the most recent discovery of a portion of a new Stone Age settlement along the lake Store Myrvatnet in Norway, Eilertsen noted, “Hopefully we’ll be able to investigate the new settlements during one of the coming seasons. Our fingers are crossed for more great finds.”