Stassi Schroeder Is ‘Disgusted’ And ‘Repulsed’ At Billie Lee For Mentioning Katie Maloney’s Weight

Tommy GarciaBravo

Stassi Schroeder is firing back at Billie Lee for the claims she made against her longtime friend, Katie Maloney, on Monday night’s episode of Vanderpump Rules.

Following a slew of allegations aimed at the Vanderpump Rules cast, especially Katie, who was leading the pack when it came to a Girls Night event at SUR Restaurant, Stassi took to Twitter, where she told her fans and followers she was “disgusted” and “repulsed” by the statements Billie made on the show.

“After seeing ‘she can put down the food’… I’m disgusted, repulsed and weirded the eff out,” Stassi tweeted.

On Monday’s show, Billie confronted her boss, Lisa Vanderpump, about the way she believed she was excluded from an event happening at SUR Restaurant on a night she was scheduled to work and during the conversation, she attempted to convince Lisa that the cast had excluded her due to the fact that she was transgender.

“She’s always crying about her weight, and I’m not allowed to talk about me being trans and not getting invited to a girls night?! I cannot say, ‘Oh, I can’t be trans.’ She can put down the food and do what she needs to do. Her feelings are hurt because someone calls her fat, but my feelings can’t be hurt? She pulls her fat card. I will pull my trans card,” Bille said, via TooFab.

Despite Billie’s efforts, Lisa wasn’t convinced that the girls were excluding her because she is transgender and slammed her for insinuating any such thing.

As fans well know, the entire Vanderpump Rules cast has been extremely supportive of the LGBTQ community for the past several years, without question.

Throughout the past several days, Billie Lee has received tons of backlash for pushing a storyline regarding her co-stars’ alleged issues with her being transgender when there is truly no reason to believe it is true. After all, the women were all quite friendly to Billie until she took issue with Kristen Doute and her treatment of James Kennedy.

As fans saw earlier this month, Billie took up for James’ mean behavior toward the women of the restaurant, including Katie Maloney and Brittany Cartwright, and suggested he was only acting out because Kristen was provoking him to do so.

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