Park-Specific Reusable Bags Coming To Walt Disney World As Plastic Bag Phase-Out Continues

Danny Cox

In the summer of last year, The Walt Disney Company revealed that they would soon start phasing out a majority of plastic use in the parks. Single-use straws would start going away as would plastic lids on drinks, but there is even more in the works. Walt Disney World will soon start offering park-specific reusable shopping bags which will lead to plastic bags being offered less and less.

As reported by the Inquisitr, about six months ago, The Walt Disney Company announced that they would begin reducing the amount of plastic waste in its theme parks. As a matter of fact, the movement has picked up in almost every Disney location.

In the theme parks of Walt Disney World and Disneyland, as well as on the Disney Cruise Line ships, plastic straws and plastic lids have been almost entirely eliminated. They are still available upon request, but the company is heading towards their total elimination of them in the future.

The fall of 2018 brought about reusable shopping bags which were available for purchase at both Downtown Disney and Disney Springs. Those have appeared to go over rather well, and very soon, the same type of bags will arrive in the parks too.

According to WDWNT, each of Walt Disney World’s four parks will have bags designed for them. Guests will be able to purchase them if they wish to keep their items with them while in the parks.

The bags are going to be very similar to those available at the World of Disney shopping location in Downtown Disney and Disney Springs. Different sizes will be available for purchase, and guests can also use their own if they already have some.

While exact details are not yet known, the bags are expected to cost anywhere from $1 to $2, and that will be dependent on size. All of the bags will be made from 80 percent recycled materials which go with the conservation efforts that Disney is ramping up.

For guests staying at Walt Disney World Resort hotels, you can still have your purchases delivered to your resort. Any purchases shipped to your resort hotel will be packaged in plastic bags at this time, but the hope is to have fewer of them around the parks.

This is not to say that plastic shopping bags will not be available. Guests will still be able to request them, but Disney is simply trying to cut down on the use of them and have fewer out there.

Walt Disney World is doing its part to cut down on plastic waste, and eliminating throw-away plastic shopping bags is a huge way to do that. It’s not yet known when these park-specific shopping bags will make their way into the parks, but guests should be on the lookout for them to arrive soon.