Halle Berry Channels Her ‘Inner Warrior’ In New Instagram Pic

Christopher PolkGetty Images

It’s Friday, which means that Halle Berry fans have already rushed to the star’s Instagram account to get the latest fitness advice from the workout guru.

Sure enough, Berry did not keep them waiting for too long. The 52-year-old actress just posted this week’s workout snap under the “fitness Friday” hashtag, imparting some more of her fitness wisdom to her adoring fans.

And, given that the Hollywood actress has managed to freeze time — continuing to look youthful at 52 years old — she must know a thing or two about staying in shape. In fact, Berry is well-known for her passion for fitness, which means that her advice is likely solid — especially when it’s so graciously given.

In the new Instagram photo, the ageless beauty shows off her toned upper body as she poses alongside her trainer of three years, Peter Lee Thomas. The two look like they have worked up quite a sweat exercising, and share a triumphant gesture — raising their talcum-coated hands above their heads and slapping them together in victory as the powder hangs in the air.

“Today I am talking directly to your inner warrior, the driving force inside you that pushes you past your limits and beyond,” the John Wick 3: Parabellum star captioned the photo.

Just like all of her “fitness Friday” posts, the new photo is meant to be an inspirational message for everyone trying to get in shape and be more mindful about their health and body.

The actress often shares her workout routine, and even features a regular segment with Thomas on her Instagram account. Known as the “Phit Talks,” the segment is devoted to everything health, wellness, and beauty related — and serves as a platform for Berry to share her secrets on getting and maintaining her age-defying appearance.

Last week, the X-Men alum shared a heart-stopping photo of her and Thomas working out with medicine balls, and showcased some of her favorite medicine ball routines in an array of fun exercises. The snap put her sculpted derriere on display, and set pulses racing.

Meanwhile, the new post talks about “creating healthy habits and sticking to them” as the actress explains that “our daily rituals hold the key to unleashing the true warrior within.”

As an added bonus, Berry also shared her top 14 motivating workout songs — which she referred to as her “Warrior mix.”

In a 2018 interview with Us Weekly, Berry’s personal trainer revealed that the star works out five days a week — and uses the remaining two days to go hiking with friends. The actress seems to be unstoppable, and credits her enviable physique and her joie de vivre to her dedication for exercise.