January 25, 2019
Backstreet Boys Perform Crazy Version Of 'Everybody' While Dressed In Chicken Suits

When celebrities appear on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, they realize they will embark upon some wild and crazy adventure with Fallon. Lip syncing, duets, game shows, you name it -- Fallon loves to participate in them with his willing guests.

On a recent episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, special guests the Backstreet Boys showed a side of their serious and sexy persona that had everyone cracking up. It was totally egg-cellent!

The five singers of Backstreet Boys slipped into fluffy and feathery yellow chicken costumes, People reported. They had orange beaks flopping in their faces, and orange legs complete with large chicken feet. Gone were the snug jeans and stylish shirts. These guys had every chick in the room staring at them.

They called themselves the "Bawkstreet Boys" for this special performance -- and treated everyone in the audience to one of their biggest hits. But they sang in a special way – they made chicken noises!

"Here to perform an all-clucking version of 'Everybody' by the Backstreet Boys, please welcome the Bawkstreet Boys," announcer Steve Higgins informed the crowd.

It was a miracle that the Bawkstreet Boys never once busted out in laughter. Fallon even joined them, fully outfitted in his own matching chicken costume. Altogether, the group sang with nothing but "bawking" sounds. Even funnier was when they executed some incredible chicken-style choreography.

The Backstreet Boys appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to generate excitement about their new album, DNA, which is available to fans now.

"Our brand new album, DNA, is now available everywhere!" the group wrote on the band's official Instagram account. "BSB is in our DNA, just like it's in all of yours. We have been a group for more than 25 years and this is our favorite album… ever."

Fallon and his crew just couldn't help themselves when the band was readying to leave the show's New York City studio. They had to ask: "Why did the chicken cross the road?"

They couldn't think of a suitable answer at first, then decided: "Just because!"

In November, Backstreet Boys released their new single "Chances," which was written by Shawn Mendes and Ryan Tedder. They'll also be going on the "DNA World Tour," which will be the group's biggest arena tour in 18 years. They've also released three additional songs from this album.

The tour will kick off in May, after their 14-month-long show in Las Vegas called Backstreet Boys: Larger Than Life. The first concert will occur in Portugal, then move throughout Europe. Finally, it's off to the United States -- where they'll travel until mid-September.

"We are stoked to finally be here again gearing up for a new album, new tour, and brand new single," said member A.J. McLean. "There are so many amazing things we have up our sleeves. It's really nice to see the actual payday when we've been busting our butt in the studio. We've been working on this record for quite some time now, it's finally about to be sooner or later presented to the world."

The "Larger Than Life" singers recently celebrated 25 years together, and are excited about this next stage in their career.

"For a group like us to still be here 25 years later is a huge testament to the music and a huge testament to our fans — the most loyal fans in the world sticking with us the entire time and they continue to push us to strive and be better," McLean said.