Paulina Gretzky And Dustin Johnson Share Romantic Kiss Under The Starry Sky

Andrew RedingtonGetty Images

Paulina Gretzky and her fiancée Dustin Johnson seemed to have hit quite a rough patch last year, as rumors that their relationship was on the rocks began flooding the media in October. As the Inquisitr previously reported, there was even talk of an alleged feud between Johnson and Ryder Cup teammate Brooks Koepka, after Koepka reportedly lent too much of a friendly ear to Gretzky — and got too close in consoling the bikini model about her relationship trouble.

All of that appears to be in the past now, as the two lovebirds have apparently managed to smooth things over, and are currently on a romantic getaway in a tropical paradise. The couple, who share two kids together — 4-year-old Tatum and 1-year-old River Jones — recently checked into a luxury resort in the Maldives. They look more smitten than ever in a new Instagram snap.

The same goes for Johnson and Koepka, who are now back on friendly terms, according to Golf Channel. In fact, Koepka even tagged along for the ride alongside girlfriend Jena Sims — and both couples are now vacationing in the Maldives together.

While Sims has posted her own holiday snapshots on Instagram, everyone gushed over the new romantic photo of Gretzky and Johnson, in which the two are photographed sharing a tender kiss under the starlit Maldivian sky.

“Dreams really do come true,” Gretzky captioned the photo.

And the couple really do seem to be living the dream, if the fairytale-like setting in which the snapshot was taken gives us any indication. For their latest Instagram update, Gretzky and Johnson chose to pose under a fabulous night sky, one glimmering with countless bright stars.

The two are shown locked in a passionate embrace as the stars glitter in the background, shining their soft light on the love-struck couple in a whimsical photographic composition.

In fact, the background of the photo is so stunning that fans even began to wonder whether the stars were real at all.

“Those stars real or enhanced?” wrote one Instagram follower, while another commented with “sky is fake.” Someone even asked the couple, “are you guys on the moon or something?”

While not all of the comments were positive — as one person took the time to tell Gretzky that she didn’t deserve her Maldives vacation because she “lost America the Ryder Cup” — all in all, fans welcomed the pair’s display of affection, complimenting the “beautiful couple” and wishing them a blast on their long-overdue vacation.

“So beyond gorgeous and sooo dreamy. Have a wild time!!” wrote one fan.

In addition, people wondered if we might be hearing wedding bells in the near future, while others joked that Gretzky and Johnson would be making a pregnancy announcement soon after the holiday.