Kim Kardashian Looks Flawless As She Launches Red Lipstick Line

Jamie McCarthyGetty Images

Kim Kardashian has always been a big fan of nude lipstick, but she’s taking her KKW line in a bold new direction with the launch of a new color called Classic Red Lip. She’s been teasing this release on Instagram for several days, with images showcasing her luscious lips adorned with the bright red lipstick. Today’s post confirmed that fans will be able to grab their own Classic Red Lip online as of 12 p.m. PST.

Kardashian’s Instagram followers have offered high praise on the entrepreneur’s latest business venture. Today’s stylish, flawless image received compliments such as “stunning,” “so beautiful,” and “how is this picture so perfect?” If even a tiny portion of the people raving over Classic Red Lip visit Kim Kardashian’s KKWBeauty website today, her new lipstick line is virtually certain to be a roaring success. Prices range from an affordable $12 to $30, with the Classic Red Crème Bundle discounted to $28 for today’s launch.

As US Magazine pointed out, the switch to red changes more than just Kim Kardashian’s typical appearance. It also signifies a major shift in the priorities of her KKW line. Until now, she’s only sold nude, neutral, and mild pink colors. Switching to red makes a major statement — and might be indicative of future boldness to come from the makeup company.

On the other hand, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star might just be updating her signature look in preparation for husband Kanye West’s presidential run. In fact, her sister Khloe Kardashian was recently spotted wearing a tan baseball cap with the words “Kanye for President” embroidered in white letters, according to Cosmopolitan.

The Game’s newly dropped preview clip is likely to turn just as many heads as Khloe Kardashian’s recent sartorial choice. In a move that was potentially meant to capitalize off of the press surrounding Kim Kardashian’s big KKWBeauty day, The Shade Room put up a clip this morning that’s certain to be controversial.

Complex reported that The Game graphically describes lurid sexual encounters with Kim in his latest teaser. This is likely to cause a big blowup between Kanye West and The Game, but the strategic move may also result in enough press coverage that all sides win today.

According to Cheatsheet, Kardashian’s latest lipstick color will also probably be a huge hit with fans who aspire to look just like the 38-year-old. When asked about people who have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to look like her, Kim Kardashian opined that she’s “flattered” and thinks everyone should “do what makes them happy.” However, she also contradicted these words by saying that it’s best to “be unique, be an individual.”