Chrissy Teigen Wears Nothing But Towel In Latest Instagram Video

Chrissy Teigen is the queen of honesty when it comes to her looks, and she often takes to social media to share her flaws, which is why she is such a relatable celebrity.

In her latest Instagram story, the mother of two, who's currently in Morocco, looked incredibly sexy as she posed wearing nothing but a towel while getting ready to film for a top secret project. And while she could have chosen to hide her imperfections as most A-listers do, Chrissy admitted that she had a little skin issue that was seriously bothering her. She zoomed the camera to her eyebrow area and revealed that she had a big red mark that had just broke out.

"So I'm getting ready, about to do hair and makeup because we're filming something awesome in Morocco, but... what is this?" she said while she pointed the camera to her left eyebrow.

"This guy has other plans. He says 'Chrissy, I'm a piece of skin, and I just wanted to leave your face,'" she joked. Afterward, she posted a video of herself looking absolutely stunning while her hair and makeup were pretty much done, but the little mark on her brow was still slightly visible.

"I see you little guy... trying to come through. We're gonna get you!" she exclaimed, while her makeup artist laughed and tried to cover it up.

The 33-year-old model later shared a video on her Instagram page, in which she's seen striking a sexy pose on a sofa while donning a green hair scarf, a beige shirt, black leggings, and a pair of flat sandals. She completed the outfit with gold hoop earrings and a pink scarf, while her makeup was perfectly applied to bring out the best of her gorgeous features. She sat in front of a table that was fully set, possibly waiting for a meal, and was surrounded by beautifully-patterned cushions while the striking blue-and-white tiled wall stood out behind her. While she did reveal she was Marrakesh, Chrissy didn't give out many more details about this secret project that she's developing — except for a very important clue that might tell her fans what the whole trip is about.

John Legend's wife, who's a known foodie, shared yet another video of herself and famous TV chef David Chang walking through the streets of the Moroccan capital, which likely means that they are shooting for Chang's hit Netflix show Ugly Delicious, in which he travels the world and tries food from different countries and cultures.

Now fans of Chrissy will have to wait to find out exactly what it is that she's working on on the other side of the Atlantic.