Roger Stone Released Strange Instagram Video With His Dog Professing His Innocence

Drew AngererGetty Images

Ahead of his arrest, Roger Stone posted some curious videos on his Instagram page using cute little dogs to profess his innocence. One dog which is said to be his, a Yorkie named Peewee is perched on the arm of a sofa, seemingly espousing Stone’s innocence.

Heavy reported that Stone might be feeling the heat of the Mueller investigation into connections between him, the Trump campaign, and Wikileaks, thus his decision to take to Instagram and post photos and videos of people wearing black and white t-shirts which read “Roger Stone Did Nothing Wrong!”

The video with Peewee is given a squeaky, “doll-like” voice and moving mouth.

“Roger Stone did nothing wrong.”

Some of the other people featured on Stone’s Instagram page are various “Proud Boys,” including their founder, Gavin McInnes. Also on the page are Infowars publisher Alex Jones and Jerome Corsi, who is also under investigation.

CNN‘s Sara Murray has been covering Stone, speaking at length to his attorneys who didn’t see his arrest coming this morning. One of his lawyers, Grant Smith, said he had given the Mueller team his card to let them known that the Trump associate had representation, assuming that they would get a courtesy phone call in advance of a court date, so his client could turn himself in.

Just yesterday, Smith said they thought nothing was coming down the pike this week.

“It’s all quiet.”

Stone friend and Trump associate Michael Caputo was saying that it’s possible that “Roger Stone Day,” or the day that Stone would have to turn himself in, might never come.

“There was a time when those prognostications really landed hard on Roger. They don’t land so hard anymore because Roger Stone day has come and gone a thousand times and at some point, you realize Roger Stone day may never come.”

He continued that for a while, Roger Stone, a Connecticut native, didn’t make plans on Fridays, assuming that he would be tied up with legal obligations related to his arrest, but that his friend was finally back to spending Friday nights at a favorite pizza place.

“There was a time when Roger didn’t make plans on Fridays. But Stone is back to spending Friday evenings with his family at his favorite New Haven-style pizza joint.”

Roger Stone, whose neighborhood looked very upscale and well-groomed when the FBI banged on his door in the early hours of the morning, as reported earlier today by the Inquisitr, belies the claim that the former Trump advisor is having financial difficulties, and so he’s selling signed stones called “Roger Stones” starting at $10 each, according to CNN.

“I have found, as I’m sure you can see, if people have a choice of giving you $25 or giving you $25 and getting a signed paperweight in return, they’d rather have something they can hold in their hand.”

Stone says that the money raised will go to his legal bills.