‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sonny Makes Emotional Decision As Mike’s Health Deteriorates

Todd WawrychukABC Press

It has been a long time coming. General Hospital spoilers had indicated that Mike Corbin’s health will be declining at the start of the new year and they were right. On Thursday, Sonny had to make a very tough decision regarding what to do next. It’s a sad situation for the Corinthos family and Sonny is taking it very hard.

The emotional conversation between Sonny and Carly concerning Mike had viewers in tears as well. It has been a long and hard road, especially for Sonny. He has refused to let his dad go, insisting that he was able to care for him at home. However, Mike’s continued downward spiral has finally convinced Sonny that it is time. In addition to dealing with his dad’s health, Sonny’s daughter-in-law, Lulu, has been fighting for her life and Josslyn’s boyfriend, Oscar, is dying from cancer. General Hospital spoilers for Friday reveal that he will go pay his respects to someone, as SheKnows Soaps indicates.

In the Friday previews, Sonny is seen at GH visiting someone. It is likely Lulu as he is seen getting quite emotional as he tells that person to fight. He could also be talking to Oscar Nero as his health has continued to decline. However, Lulu is still not awake at this point and she could take an unexpected turn for the worse as well.

General Hospital fans have been venting recently on how there have been so many bad things happening in Port Charles lately, especially with the Ryan Chamberlain murders these past few weeks. But the one thing they have praised is the Alzheimer’s storyline concerning Mike Corbin. The ABC soap has brought this issue to the forefront in a touching way.

That has a lot to do with the excellent performances by Max Gail (Mike) and Maurice Benard (Sonny). This onscreen father-son duo has been amazing to watch. Viewers have expressed how much they have loved all of the emotions that the actors have brought to this touching storyline, despite it being a sad situation.

Mike is losing his memories and has been more agitated. Even Stella has become sad that she is losing a good friend in Mike, despite knowing that it would eventually happen. Sonny told Carly that his dad seems to be happier at the adult facility for Alzheimer’s patients. He recognized that he his not doing well at home anymore. It’s time to make that tough decision to let him go.

He finally came to the conclusion that he wanted the end to be different as he tells Carly, “It would be selfish to keep him here, and that’s not how I want this to end”.

Marcus has reluctantly chosen to let Yvonne go as well. He was not happy that she took a liking to Mike, but he realized that she is happier to stay there instead of taking her home. Now Sonny is faced with that difficult decision to let Mike go, as he is happier at the facility as well. Viewers are not ready to say goodbye to Mike Corbin either, as many have indicated on social media.

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