January 24, 2019
Tom Brady And New England Patriots Cheated, Says Elementary School Science Fair Entry

Ten-year old Ace Davis has had enough of Tom Brady. Except unlike legions of similarity disgruntled sports fans decades his senior, he decided to do something about it, Sports Illustrated reports.

In response to allegations that Brady broke NFL rules by doctoring the pressure of game balls during the 2014-2015 season, Davis took a scientific approach to the controversy. He set out to prove once and for all that Brady and the Patriots were indeed cheating by illicitly deflating footballs for an offensive advantage during the AFC Championship. The sometimes heated debate in the football community would become known as "deflategate" online and elsewhere.

Davis chose to take his hypothesis to one of the most rigorous scientific arenas available to a 10-year-old in central Kentucky: his elementary school science fair.

Science doesn't take sides, but Davis does.

"I hate Tom Brady," he said in an interview following the internet notoriety that came with his science fair project. "He's been accused of cheating before. I want him to be caught."

Testing his hypotheses that under-inflated footballs really would provide a competitive advantage in a football game, Davis and his family took turns throwing a series of footballs inflated to various levels. The young researcher tracked distance and accuracy, analyzing the data to determine if less air pressure meant better performance.

Through an elaborate array of charts and graphs presented within the confines of a traditional science fair three-panel display, Davis revealed his findings to local students, the scientific community, and bitter football fans everywhere: Brady had an advantage.

In addition to presenting his data and analysis, Davis also took the opportunity to provide his own color commentary on the issue, including punctuating his presentation with a photo of Brady crying for good measure.

"The Patriots were found guilty of doctoring football [sic], thus losing $1,000,000 and future draft picks. Tom Brady is indeed a cheater," Davis added, referring to the reprimand handed down by the NFL after the 2015 playoffs. Brady was also suspended for four games at the time.

Davis and his project found viral internet fame after his father, Christopher Davis, posted his son's work on Facebook.

In addition to the general public, Millcreek Elementary Science Fair judges were also impressed. Davis won the science fair with his experiment and is now moving on the the district-level competition.

"Yep and I'm gonna win that, too," Davis said, showing a cool confidence that might in another context be considered Brady-esque.