January 24, 2019
Nikki Bella Says She's Having 'Fun' Dating But Isn't Looking 'To Be Serious With Anyone Right Now'

Nikki Bella is back on the dating market again and she is having a blast!

Six months after her highly publicized split from fiancee John Cena, the Total Bellas star says that she is having a lot of fun in the dating world. The reality star recently opened up to Access Hollywood about her life post-Cena and she couldn't help but smile when she chatted about playing the field. The 35-year-old also shared that she is not exclusively dating her Dancing With the Stars partner, Artem Chigvintsev.

"I'm having a lot of fun in my dating life. Not just Artem [Chigvintsev], I mean we had amazing chemistry. I'm just kind of having fun. I don't want to say playing the field, but just kind of having different experiences."
And while she says that she is having fun going on dates, Bella made it clear that she is not looking to get into anything long-term just yet.

"I'm not looking to be serious with anyone right now," she told the media outlet. "I'm just looking to have fun. I'm just in this position that I get to like go on these dates with a lot of amazing guys. I mean, not a lot, it's only been a few."

During a recent episode of her hit show, the Inquisitr reported that Nikki shared with viewers what she is looking for in an ideal partner. Instead of dating someone famous and in her industry, Bella says that she would prefer to settle down with someone more like a businessman and someone who is not just putting on an act in front of the camera. The newly single star also shared that she is getting sick of people trying to fix her up on dates and would prefer to dabble in the dating pool by herself instead.

As fans of the WWE star know, she and Cena dated for six years before calling it quits. The pair was even engaged to be married but called it off just weeks before the wedding. Once they went their separate ways, the couple released a statement to the public to explain that there was no love lost between them.

Nikki also shared that she and John are still on good terms and she has told him about every date that she has gone on because she would rather have him find it out from her mouth rather than from someone else.

"Anything I knew was coming out or anything that I've done I've let him know," she shared. "I don't ever want him to be hurt by it or shocked by it. I know that is things that I don't have to do, but it's just who I am."