French Police Struggling To Believe Chris Brown's Rape Accuser, Per 'TMZ'

On Monday, Chris Brown and two friends were detained in Paris, France, after a woman made sexual assault allegations against the group. Brown was released the following day, but an investigation is still ongoing, supervised by the French police. On Thursday, a source who claims to be close to the case told TMZ that investigators are now "having problems with" the accuser's version of the story, calling it "almost impossible to believe."

"The weakest part of the case is the alleged victim's statement to police," the source said.

The accuser, who is referred to as her initials, K.M., or Miss K., reportedly told police that she met Brown and two of his friends at a club in France and was taken back to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Brown then allegedly raped her for 25 to 30 minutes. K.M. said she was then sent to a second room and raped again, then sent to a third room where she claimed to be "abused."

The source claims that police are struggling to believe she was taken to three separate rooms and never attempted to alert the "20 or so" people in the living room at the time.

According to the accuser, she was barricaded in a smaller room, away from the other residents in the hotel suite. K.M. told police that she was so traumatized by the incident that it took her two days to go to the police.

Brown was reportedly released from custody without any conditions (such as confiscating his passport) because the accuser's story did not hold up. According to the source, the police even apologized to the singer for the incident upon being released.

Since the accusation, Brown has made efforts to display his innocence. Not only has he remained in Paris, but he did not make any attempts to change hotels, Complex reported. He was also spotted out in public on Wednesday to shoot scenes at the Eiffel Tower and on the banks of the Seine River for an upcoming music video.

Several fellow celebrities, such as Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Justin Bieber, Meek Mill, and even ex-girlfriend Rihanna, whom Brown assaulted in 2009, have since shown support for the singer on social media.

In a since-deleted Instagram post, Brown also attempted to comment on the situation, calling the allegation "false."


Brown's lawyer filed a defamation lawsuit against K.M. on Thursday. The "Without You" singer is seeking a criminal prosecution for the "slanderous accusation," according to the Hollywood Reporter. The filing could result in up to 10 years of jail time for the accuser. The defendant will have 10 days to file evidence in her defense, and, as customary in French courts, it will be up to K.M. to prove her statement to be true.