January 24, 2019
Jennifer Lopez Gets Figure Bikini-Ready With No Sugar, No Carb Diet

What's the next move if you're Jennifer Lopez and you've already proven to the world that your body is sexier than ever at the age of 49? As the Daily Mail reported, it's undergoing a massively difficult 10-day diet that requires her to cut out all sugar and carbs. Her equally famous partner, former New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez, has joined J.Lo in her latest quest for health perfection.

In the hopes of inspiring others to do the same thing to kick-start their fitness regimens, J.Lo and A-Rod have issued the 10-day challenge to all of their Instagram followers. Per Well and Good, they've also shared their favorite go-to snacks to help them deal with the hunger that accompanies the extreme 10-day diet. Tuna poke, canned tuna, green beans, red peppers, yellow peppers, and sliced cucumbers are on the menu, at least until the challenge is complete.

Almost none of the couple's chosen foods are actually free of carbs, but they're all on the very low-end of the carb scale. For example, Healthline reports that green beans contain 10 grams of carbs per serving, and cucumbers only have 4 carb grams in a single serving. Canned tuna is the only truly carb-free and sugar-free option, which means it's highly likely to be their No. 1 source of protein throughout the challenge.

As Livestrong pointed out, carbs are a vital resource for good health. Therefore, attempting to cut them out completely for more than a short period of time can cause health issues such as a lack of energy and nutrient deficiencies. Bravo quoted Jennifer Lopez as saying that her latest diet has left her "really, really hungry all the time" and that it's been "much harder" than she'd anticipated.

Today is day three of the couple's 10-day challenge. The Daily Mail alleged that the Shades of Blue star appears to be getting a bit grumpy due to her severely restricted diet. Even if that's true, no one can deny that the results of Lopez's intense focus on physical fitness have paid off.In fact, it's definitely not common for a 49-year-old mother of two to have a bikini-ready body, and Jennifer Lopez's latest efforts are virtually certain to enhance her appearance.It remains to be seen if J.Lo and A-Rod will stick with the challenge for 10 full days, but the Inquisitr previously reported that they've been showing off their dedication to exercise in style on Instagram. Jennifer Lopez has also taken this opportunity to give her followers a peek at her cleavage by working out in a sports bra.