Victoria Beckham Reveals She Might Jump On Stage During Spice Girls Reunion Show

Elise Nelson

Victoria Beckham already shared that, unfortunately, she will not be reviving her role as Posh Spice in the upcoming Spice Girls reunion tour -- but she will be sitting in the audience for at least one show. The 44-year-old fashion designer even revealed during a visit to Good Morning America on Thursday that she may even be tempted to hop on stage for a quick cameo!

Beckham joined the show on Thursday to talk about her new athleisure collection with Reebok, but did spend some time opening up about her days as a Spice Girl alongside the popular British group's remaining members of Mel B, Melanie C, Geri Halliwell, and Emma Bunton, according to Entertainment Tonight. She took a moment to wish her friends luck on their tour in May, one which will wind through Ireland and the U.K.

"I'll always be a Spice Girl. And I'm so proud of everything I achieved," she explained. "I'm proud of them. It's gonna be the best show. I can't wait to take my kids and see it."

Although Beckham is unable to join her fellow pop stars on tour, she still supports them all the way.

"You know, with my business now, I just wouldn't be able to do it… but I wish them so much luck and love and it's going to be great," the designer said.

Beckham also mentioned that the decision to skip the tour wasn't a difficult one, due to where she is in her business. Even though she will not be reliving her Spice Girls days, she is always sure to carry the message behind the empowered girl group with her in the fashion industry, according to ABC News.

"With the Spice Girls it was just great to travel the world, be with my best friends, have fun, you know, really spread the girl power message," she shared. "And for me now it's still about that. But now it's about empowering women through fashion."

Earlier this week, the fashion mogul revealed that when her friends are on stage, she may feel a bit left out -- but that wouldn't change her mind about skipping the tour, Billboard reported. She explained that designing is her passion, and she would never want to give that up, even for a short time.