Jayme Closs To Receive $25,000 Reward Offered During Time She Was Missing

Kidnapping survivor Jayme Closs will receive a substantial reward that had been offered during the time that she was missing. The Barron, Wisconsin, teen had been missing for 88 days after the stunning murder of her mother and father — and she managed to escape her captor on her own. Now, as she works on moving forward with her life, she will have some extra financial support.

As the Inquisitr previously detailed, there had been $50,000 in reward money made available for anyone who helped to pin down Jayme Closs' whereabouts. The Kasinskas family, who called 911 when Jayme arrived at their door with the help of Jeanne Nutter — a woman Closs had encountered — said that they believed the teen should receive the reward, as she saved herself.

The reward was made up of $25,000 coming from the FBI, along with another $25,000 coming from Jennie-O. Jayme's parents, Denise and James Closs, had been longtime employees of Jennie-O, a local turkey-products company. According to People, the 13-year-old kidnapping survivor will be receiving the portion of the reward money that Jennie-O had offered.

Hormel Foods, which owns Jennie-O, has put out a statement saying that they are coordinating with law enforcement to get the $25,000 they had made available to Jayme. The statement released by the company indicates that they hope the money can support Closs' current and future needs.

"While we are still mourning the loss of longtime family members Jim and Denise, we are so thankful for Jayme's brave escape and that she is back in Barron. Our hope is that a trust fund can be used for Jayme's needs today and in the future."
The statement added that Jayme's strength and bravery have been inspiring to the company and its employees. The BBC reports that Chris Fitzgerald, the Barron County sheriff who was heavily involved in the search for Jayme, lauded the company for contributing the reward money to her.

At the moment, it remains unclear whether or not the $25,000 in FBI reward funds will be given to Jayme as well.

The Hormel Foods reward money will be added to other funds that have been raised and donated for Jayme's welfare. The Inquisitr has previously shared that a Facebook fundraiser brought in $50,000, and that a GoFundMe has brought in nearly $35,000. In addition, a fund has been set up via Sterling Bank for those who want to send gifts or contributions.

Jayme Closs is now living with her aunt — and has been reunited with her loved ones in the Barron, Wisconsin, community. Those who have been following the story are thrilled to hear that Jennie-O is giving their portion of the reward money to the teen, and everybody will be anxious to see if the FBI follows suit.