June 22, 2015
21-Year-Old Kills Cop Who Responds To His 911 Call

A man calls 911 and then kills the responding officer who shows up at the "scene," in a pre-planned incident that several people were apparently warned about. According to CNN, Trepierre Hummons, 21, texted some of his friends to let them know he was planning to "commit suicide by cop." He did so by calling 911, and reporting a man wielding a gun -- himself essentially, but the dispatcher didn't know this. He gave a description of himself as well, but Cincinnati police had no idea what they'd be walking into.

"He's walking around getting belligerent with a gun. Very early 20s… about like 5 (foot) 6… he's a little thick fellow," Hummons told the dispatcher. When police showed up, he opened fire.

The man who called 911 killed the first cop that he saw. Officer Sonny Kim was the first to arrive, and he was shot by Hummons, too injured to return fire. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Hummons shot at two more officers, injuring them both, but one was able to shoot him back. Hummons got his wish, as he died later at a nearby hospital.

The Cincinnati area is now mourning the loss of Officer Kim, 48, who was a husband and a father of three.

"That didn't happen in this case, unfortunately, and we lost one of our best police officers. We lost a brother, but right now my heart is broken more for his three boys who lost their father, and his wife who lost her husband. We are devastated that Officer Kim, who came to work today, did not get to go home," said Cincinnati Police Chief Jeffery Blackwell.

According to the Canada Journal, Hummons had been in trouble with the law quite a bit over the past several years. Police say that he was part of a gang. He was previously brought up on a weapons charge, and was allegedly involved in a robbery, and

It's unknown why no one alerted police about Hummons' plan. If someone made a call to police, it may have prevented the death of Sonny Kim.

"Today is a tragic day for all [Cincinnati residents]. One of our first responders was shot and killed in the line of duty. We will always remember the sacrifice made by Officer Sonny Kim, and we will pray for his wife and family that they find some comfort during their grief," said Mayor John Cranley.

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