January 24, 2019
World's First Bridal Swimsuit Debuts During Paris Fashion Week

During Paris Fashion Week, attendees were stunned when Chanel dropped the curtain on its Mediterranean-inspired spring-summer 2019 fashion show with an eye-popping design that has everyone abuzz.

It isn't uncommon for haute couture designers to end runway spectaculars with a big bang, often doing so with a sneak peek at a bride wearing a gorgeous gown, per Harper's Bazaar. Italian model Vittoria Ceretti debuted Chanel's glittering wedding dress -- one that really wasn't a dress at all. In fact, she could have easily dove into the nearby fountain with it on, although it may have been a poor notion, considering how much it appeared to cost.

Guests attending the spectacular event at the Grand Palais were settled in, poolside, in the serene garden of a cozy and romantic Italian villa. The balmy atmosphere contradicted the snow outdoors, blanketing Paris. The show kicked off with Chanel's highly anticipated suiting and pastel cocktail dresses. Eveningwear debuted in crisp black and white coloring, with a few candy-colored hues.

A bride strolled along the tan concrete path wearing an ornately embellished one-piece swimsuit, and a bridal swim cap with an attached cathedral-length veil. It gave a whole new meaning to the beach wedding aesthetic.

The Italian model wore the glitzy and glamorous bathing suit for Chanel's new approach to the "haute couture wedding dress," reported Syracuse.com. The white and silver-sequined base shone in the bright lighting, complete with pink and blue-beaded embellishment to complement the coloring.

Chanel is calling the garment the first-ever wedding swimsuit.

Harper's Bazaar described the silver beaded and paillette-embroidered swimsuit as "fully-encrusted swimwear paired with an over-the-top veil." The shimmering sequined veil was gathered at the base of the sparkling swim cap -- one that fastened under the model's chin. The swimming suit had thin spaghetti straps, and cut-out sides revealing a sliver of skin.

The ensemble was paired with slip-on heels that were also glittering. The expressions on people's faces in the crowd were a mix of shock, confusion, and smiles as people whipped their phones out to capture the look.

Ceretti looked stunning as always, focusing on her dark-blue smoky eye makeup and bright red lips.

Actress Kate Hudson captured video of Ceretti strolling around the villa in the show-stopper. She encouraged her boyfriend and the father of their daughter to "hurry up and propose!"

"My wedding look just walked down the runway!" she shared on Instagram.

Brides Magazine described the design as a "bold but definitely memorable look."

"Yet Chanel manages to keep it classy and timeless. And considering brides are getting married under actual water or opting for illusion dresses, it's no shock that bridal fashion is racing toward, well, the raciest option out there," the magazine disclosed.